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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Swimming on the wildside

It was about June of 2011 when Nature Beads brought a new exciting and exotic kind of product into the American market - fish leather. It took me certain time to experiment with it and I waited for the right time to spread my Midas touch to it's surface. 
I created a necklace for the 2012 Bead Trends panel hosted by Katie Hacker at CHA Winter Show, and right after I started working on some bracelets but I was waiting for the new applicator tool by Swarovski to use with it.

It's still not finished all the way I wanted because some products just need do require a more mechanical method to achieve its full potential. 
On these bracelets I applied the techniques I could to get the look I wanted. This leather is soft, comes in a wide range of colors and it can be used to cover metal blanks, acrylic beads and etc.

All bracelets bedazzled with Swarovski Elements hot fix flat backs and sew-on fancy stones.

Swarovski applicator tool for jeans buttons, snaps and more and more and more - the best tool available for such kind of application. Manual, very friendly usage, light weight  and well designed to serve its purposed.
You must have will open many design possibilities.

Photos and designs by Fernando Dasilva.
Copyright  © 2012.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Artistic Wire mesh designs review

I had the honor of launching for a large audience the Artistic Wire mesh by Beadalon last year, during a fashion show at the headquarters of Jewelry Television in Knoxville-TN.
Since, then I had created several designs to inspire the consumer on what to do with it.
I have posted several pictures on my Facebook page but I just realized that none of those designs were shared with you here my beloved followers.

Taking advantage of the launching of the new colored Artistic Wire mesh, I am sharing with you some of those designs created with the actual colors that Beadalon does carry in their catalog - just to clarify, the colored mesh was exclusive released onto kits for JTV. So, you can only get those colors if you buy through JTV website.

My first design created with silver mesh, large navette jet crystal pendants and light grey crystal pearls running inside the mesh.

Very non-sense - large gunmetal ball chain weaved with copper mesh - the stylist in Knoxville loved this one and I ended up giving it  to her...not my favorite but is still inspirational.

Color pop - dark brown mixed with platinum and copper crystal polyester chain to keep it lightweight. Textured copper bead caps by Tierra Cast through John Bead.

Sections of hematite mesh has been fluffed to create an off shape feeling on this necklace.
Rhodium-plated bead caps by Tierra Cast through John Bead add texture between the crystal beads.

On these bold earrings a black mesh was twisted and stretched to the side edges to create volume - and again, crystal navettes do the final talk. J'adore!

Large red magma crystal navette drops to bring a sensuous flamenco vibe on this lariat - I'm addicted to this style of necklace - great to accentuate any cleavage line - dark grey crystal pearls inside of the mesh finished with rhodium-plated hammered cone ends by Tierra Cast through John Bead add a touch of  artsy chic.

I think this is my favorite color among this selection of mesh - copper...crystal light bronze large hole beads strung on,  large crystal donuts stuffed onto the mesh and two tone of chain used towards to the back. Bohemian chic and expensive!

This necklace  was worn by Jewel School hostess ... black and hematite mesh accented with tons of crystal briolettes and crystal pearls  - duet rhodium plated claps and polyester chain to hold all together. 
Lush and decadent! 

All crystal components used on all the designs above are form the Swarovski Elements™ collection.

Artistic Wire mesh is a product under the Artistic Wire umbrella inside of the Beadalon brand.

Spacer beads, bead caps and cone ends used on some designs are from Tierra Cast® through John Bead® .

 ps...all crystal pearls strung into the mesh had their holes enlarged to accommodate the thickness of the mesh.

All jewelry pieces designed by
Fernando Dasilva © 2012

Photos by Fernando Dasilva

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The new colored Artistic Wire® mesh

Hello, my darlings!
Here I am...back to you again.
I was in Knoxville last weekend and then had to drive to New York City for a quick business gig two days I am back to Amish

Beadalon has brought new Artistic Wire® colored wire mesh exclusively for JTV-Jewel School™ this Spring/Summer season, and I was fortunate enough to be the guest designer at the Jewel School™ show to promote the new colors. Here are some of the designs I created to inspire their viewer and you.

Above a 'tropical snake' feeling expressed by gemstones colors...sapphire, emerald and peridot - simply braided and twisted together...extra pizazz added on a second picture further down.

A lariat style necklace spotlighting the duet light purple/silver mesh almost used as it comes...I mean. I only ruffled up the ends up front to create a whimsical feeling before ending with a luscious tassel made with white opaque bugle Czech glass beads from the John Bead collection and vintage pink wild crystal hear pendants by Swarovski Elements, or course! Detail: I used EZ™ lobster clasp by Beadalon to attach the tassel so you can interchange with a pair of earrings - so wear the tassels as necklace or earrings.

On this necklace a mixing od gemstones and metalized silver beads - turquoise mesh weaved in between the beads - I used Sbeady™ needle to run 19 Strands Beadalon silver color wire - asymmetrical look complemented by aquamarine silver lined bugle beads and fishing sleeves used as spacer from ™ fishing line. Open heart silver-plated charms by Beadalon were added off side to add draaaaaama and poise!

Bracelets galore to be worn as a stack...more colored mesh and heart charms on a preview for Mother's Day. Simple mesh and aluminum chain.

Overview of earrings and bracelet. Long earrings on the right can serve as the base for the tassels form previous lariat. Mesh was added to filigree hearts to add texture to cut out areas of component.

Bracelet on left was folded by hand in squares sections and ironed press to keep its modern and architectural - two blue tones combined together - lock heart charm with flat cabochons of grey crystal pearl glued on.  on the right: my bluesy earrings for a girlie look - Katiedids™ components to make it sleek and modern and a simple bow wrapped around the chain section - bottom ending with crysolite opal hearts form Swarovski Elements. More gift ideas to mom! Remember blue is always in and goes well with any style.

I think the folks from Beadalon loved this bracelet and I will be making another version with colors that are currently on their latest catalog. Again, simple form and section ironed press to keep its shape.
Swarovski crystal roundelles discreetly hidden to mirror the metallic look. Open heart charm used as toggle circle and puffed heart charm used as.... a

Bringing back the firs necklace with an ultra fantabulous and seductive extra large crystal silver shade polygon Swarovski Element pendant. Use a easy to attach and detach clasp so you can wear with our without. A long stone encrusted pendant would work as well. As long it adds draaaaaaaaaama, you will be in business darling!

Get inspired and create more beauty on your own to share.

Artistic Wire colored mesh sold in kits exclusively from JTV - Jewel School™, by Beadalon.

All crystals used on all the designs above are from the collection of Swarovski Elements.

All Czech glass and metalized beads used on the designs above are from the John Bead collection.

All designs and photos on this post are copyrighted by
Fernando Dasilva © 2012.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter elegance

Happy Easter my friends!

I woke up around 5:30 this morning and had to step out of my door and photograph  a beautiful moonlight, and then when I look to the horizon behind me the sunrise was magnificent and I snap another shot.
Still over the moonlight effect I went to my work area and put together some colors and design the necklaces featured on this post. I have watched Barbara Walters showing off beautiful and very high end necklaces lately on her TV appearances and I love all of them....and trust me they all work for young and cool chicks as well. It's juts a matter of styling with the right outfit. 

Happy Easter Sunday to all of you!

Full moon today at 5:30am and it's moonlight alluring myself to step out the door and be enchanted by.  

On the opposite side, this gorgeous sunrise telling me that a new day was born.

My design of the day - huge silver-plated textured beads, crystal rings, white coral, pink Peruvian opal faceted nuggets and faceted amethyst for a happy and very "brunch at  the Hamptons" mood.   White outfits will be fabulous against this necklace.

Several components form different sources were used on this design. Rectangle rhodium plated links, sterling silver filigree cone ends, Tierra Cast antique silver bead caps p and purple rattail cord (can you see the hint of purple going through the Swarovski rondelles?! ) by John Bead® Corp. 
Crimp covers , copper crimp tubes and 7 Strands Beadalon Silverose .024' stringing wire used on gemstones strands by Beadalon™ - actually the Silverose stringing wire works perfect with one of the latest colors by Swarovski Elements™ - light vintage rose. 
Gun metal lobster clasp and extension chain by Garlan® Chain

3 to 1 gunmetal and all gemstones by designer's personal sources.

Design by Fernando Dasilva 
Copyright © 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CHA Winter 2012

Here I am bringing a little of the past and lots of the present so we can have a wider profile of what I have done lately - and that means lots of gigs in 2011 and trips and fabulous meals mixed with what's happening now on my professional and personal life (not too personal).

The Craft and Hobby Association Show (CHA) Winter is the kick off of the jewelry making , scrap booking and craft industry show season. 
This year I was committed  to work with John Bead Corp during the entire show, and it was fabulous in many ways. I have worked at some trade shows with them in the past but this time I did not feel intimidated buy meaningless circumstances (yes, sometimes things that do not matter get on your way and you can't perform to the fullest of your ability), and I was able to work the way I like it and feeling like I was part of the company.
I am one of those people who needs to have an extra reason to work with a customer besides the money itself...being hired, commissioned and paid have nothing to do with been happy and feel important on what you are doing for your customer.
When there is no connection beyond the money that work will not last and will not bring anything different to the table so your work does not stand apart from your competitors. Yes, we have tons of competition just like in any other field, and life as a designer has nothing to do with only glamorous moments of glory and fame.

The picture above is an overview of some of the finished jewelry and focal elements I was able to create during the CHA Show at the John Bead booth.
We were focused on their Metal Complex line so metal work, 2 part epoxy application and Kumihimo line by Dazzle It were on the table constantly.

Above a close up on the necklace featuring agate slabs topped with hammered and textured copper blanks. The ginkgo charms were provided by Tierra Cast, an American brand that manufactures some of the top casting components for the jewelry making industry.

This sexy, funky and edgy necklace above is my favorite piece made during that time - created to highlight John Bead's new crimp ends I've found a new meaning to the word "crimp". There are  several styles (flower, leaf and heart) to provide a nice finishing to the end of a necklace, or to the ends of a bracelet but here were used as enhancers for dangles created simply adding beads (crystal pearl by Swarovski Elements) or metal charms to its loop. If you haven't seen those you should place an order right now because those components definitely are an upgrade to any design, and an extra glam fact.

Until my next and most!