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Monday, July 9, 2012

"Modern Expressions" featured on UK magazine

I am flabbergasted by the fact that this blog is featured on the July issue of British arts and crafts magazine "Make Jewellery" as the blog of the month
It's very empowering to get this kind of recognition because I don;t do as much as I should to make this space a strong virtual destination but this is definitely a prof that I have been doing something right.

Thank you so much all the staff of "Make Jewellery" for all the fantabulous™quotes about this space, the gracious plug on my book and for citing my making jewelry skills on such  high level.
I look forward to work together on a near future.

Muito Obrigado!

Thank you!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Flashes form JTV workshops 2

I am making the "Mission Impossible" series
Here are few more flashes of my fabulous and happy ladies creating their own jewelry guided by me...yes, I am a jewelry making guide.
I don't consider myself a teacher. 

Her positive attitude and smile makes me happy... necklace looks gorgeous and very sensuous on her neckline.

This lady was fabulous as well and the color of her blouse coordinated nicely with the necklace.

Another happy group...I have to mention that the charismatic lady on black shirt on the right had some exquisite jewelry on each dat of the workshops...from high end rock to unique necklaces, lucite  earrings and exquisite vintage luuuxo! That means in Portuguese: Very luxurious!

OMG! another fabulous group- the young lady on the left has been designing and selling jewelry for year and half...I have to watch out because the competition is getting strongrrrr!

These ladies were juts phenomenal...we had so much fun laughing our asses classes provided a very laid back environment and I like to keep it like that. 
Nothing military-like because Art needs to provide winds so people can be eager to fly and take the sky on their own.

Thanks you so much ladies to sign for my classes. 
Thanks Jewelry Television and Jewel School™ for making me part of your debut event.

Special thanks to Beadalon ®, John Bead Corporation and Swarovski Elements® for providing me the possibility of creating beauty through such innovative products.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flashes from JTV Workshops I

I was invited to teach at the new educational building owned by Jewelry Television located right next to their headquarters in Knoxville, TN two weeks ago.
My classes weren't full but all the ladies who signed for my classes were pretty happy and were able to leave with a finished piece designed by me.
You can see below some of the ladies working on their pieces and wearing it afterwards.
I did provide enough components so they could make matching earrings for both necklaces.

An overview of my set up just waiting for the ladies to pick their place.

One of the ladies filling up channels of a jewelry making component designed by Katie Hacker that mirrors all the sparkles of crystal beads...on this case Swarovski Elements round crystal dorado 2xx...of course!

The ladies modeling their latest creations. Airy, soft, light and sophisticated.