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Monday, November 19, 2012

Building an Over the Top Catalog with Instant Glam™ by Fernando

Fashion magazines are loaded with advertises featuring over the top jewelry...when I say over the top I mean: bold, extravagant, incredibly sparkling and beyond eye-catching...but also commercial.

If they can, why can't I?!

Above: Gunmetal and silver color Rectangle Bezels from the assortment of Tuscany collection for Instant Glam™ by Fernando...Swarovski Elements® applied onto 2 part epoxy clay - chains by Dazzle It™.

Above: Silver color Drop Bezel featuring matching jet Crystal Rocks - both products from the Tuscany assortment  collection for Instant Glam™ by Fernando. Jet fire polished Czech glass beaded chain by Dazzle It™. Details around bezel edge enhanced with black Gilder's paste.

Above: duet of drop Instant Glam™ by Fernando  pendants on Kumihimo braided cord - pendants embellished and filled with all Swarovski Elements crystals   for  Fernando Dasilva Studio.

Above: Ultra suede caff embellished with Instant Glam diamond crystal silver shade Crystal Rocks (ironed direct onto suede), brass garment brads, and strictly Denim Blue Swarovski Elements mini xilion pendants. Royal Blue silk thread and others by Dazzle It™. 

Above: Haute-Couture by DIY. Necklace featuring gunmetal drop and quatro bezels from the Tuscany assortment collection for Instant Glam™ by Fernando. All crystal pendants in Crystal Silver Night, jet and Denim Blue  by Swarovski Elements®. Double twisted curb chain by Garlan Chain®.

Above: Gunmetal Tres bezel and matching Crystal Bermuda Blue Crystal Rocks from the Tuscany collection for Instant Glam™ by Fernando. Pre-made tassels by Garlan Chain® embellished with Crystal Petro Blue Pearls.  Braided sating cords by Dazzle™ It and silver color stringing wire by Beadalon®. All crystal components including Denim Blue Wave Beads, petro pearls and Denim Blue silver foiled sew-on stone by Swarovski Elements®. 

Above: more aristocratic than this necklace just the Queen of England's jewelry box. 
Silver color Quatro Bezel and Crystal Silver Shade matching Crystal Rocks from the Tuscany assortment for Instant Glam® by Fernando.
Round Kumihimo braided cord with gold and silver satin cords and findings by Dazzle It™.
Astonishing modern cut on Art Deco-ish crystal pendants (Rhombus and Ellipse column) in Silver Shade and Golden Shadow crystal by Swarovski Elements®.

Instant Glam™ by Fernando is a trademark owned in partnership by designer and Metal Complex™.
All jewellery designed and assembled by Fernando Dasilva © 2012.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Instant Glam™by Fernando lands in Brasilia

Instant Glam™ by Fernando landed in the ultra modern capital of Brazil for a weekend of glamour and splash as you can see on the photo below.
On a slightly cloudy morning, the iconic towers of the Brazilian parliament was overshadowed by the astonishing effect of double pointed Swarovksi Elements crystal rocks.
The gunmetal arrowhead Instant Glam™ pendant worn by the designer himself caught so many eyes
on the streets of the Brazilian capital that was impossible to enjoy the scenery without a sudden interruption.

Let's get glam,  baby!

Magic of Photoshop by Andre Alves.
Copyright 2012.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cozy Glam™

Hello my glamourous people! ( I do like to add that "u' on this makes you roll up your tongue)

Almost 40 days after launching my signature line Instant Glam™ by Fernando with Metal Complex™and I am returning with more ideas to transform your life onto endless inspiration.
Not that I was on vacation in this

Pictures above of two sets of black and red pillows from my Cozy Glam™ home decor collection.
Pillow covers were bought ready to go and I applied Instant Glam™ by Fernando crystal rocks to add that ultimate touch of luxury represented by astonishing brilliance of Swarovski Elements.

You can  have those pillows adding lots of pizzazz to your couch just sending me an email...price under request.
On the other hand, you can DIY buying Instant Glam™ by Fernando crystal rocks from BeadFX® or you might even create your own signature line buying in large scale from Metal Complex™

Make your house the most cozy and glamourous place adding Instant Glam™ by Fernando onto your home decor.
A truly affordable luxury!

Um luuuuuxo!

Rectangle Crystal Rocks from the Tuscany collection by Instant Glam for Metal Complex.
On red pillows jet and crystal golden shadow. 
On black pillows, jet and crystal silver shade.
Crystal Rocks were ironed on directly to pillow cases.

Creations by Fernando DaSilva for Cozy Glam™.