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Friday, June 18, 2010

Bead and Button flashes

Once again we had a great time at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee last week
The show hours are brutal but we can always count on having quality time with fellow designers, friends and customers. Milwaukee always surprises me and this year the highlight  in the city was the restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel - Kilawat - incredible cuisine, ambiance and daliciuus™ food.

Following are some of the other highlights of this trip - food is one of my passions and
it will always have lots of space in my me is art and sometimes some people make comments that are totally unfair about me (gluttonous) and the "passion" about food, but you know, I will not change who I am to please anybody else. So suck it because I don't need this kind of negativity.

Cheers to life and to some of the people who stroke a pose to this blogger!

Okay...this was the beginning of my work week...have had no time for lunch and decided to grab a Vino Volo meal @ the Philly airport. The prosciutto and fig jelly sandwich is daliciuus and I ordered just half and was perfect but the white wine flight was terrible...the three wines were horrible..a Lebanese, a Turkish and a Portuguese one...the one from Portugal was the least bad one. It's in the menu under "Mediterranean whites" and it sounds so beautiful and epic but it's no Heads up people!

Wyatt White's 6 hours wire wrapping class was a huge success and 90% of the ladies was able to finish their components. Great people and 1derful teacher. Beadalon and Swarovski Elements sponsored it and I assisted. We did have 2 of our best local friends in the class helping us and providing water and cookies. It couldn't be better!

Overview of Beadalon's booth. Spacious and modern! Loved it!

The John Bead guys having a serious conversation and that black jacket is stunning..lots of bling and sparkles on DJ's back. I think he should consider a pair of pants with a whole stripe of Swarovski crystals for next year. Glamourama! 

Components made during Wyatt's class at Bead and Button. Stainless steel wire and Swarovski stone.

Another great moment of the trip. Wyatt White gave a presentation for the Loosen Bead Society of Milwaukee and it was magnificent. people were interested in learning, very well organized and one of the best groups ever. 100 ladies were eager to learn design tips and tech info about many of the products available by and through Beadalon.

Cindy Collins(VP of Milwaukee Bead Society) and Brenda Schweder (President) surrounded by Wyatt White (Beadalon's product manager) striking a pose for this blogger.
It was a great surprise to meet Brenda at this event. She is a jewelry designer, author and fellow Swarovski Elements Ambassador. It was nice to have the chance to chat a little more since we always juts talk quickly at other social gigs.Her iron work is phenomenal and she definitely is a modern expression of talent from head to toe. Check out her newest book "Vintage Redux" - it's fierce and fabulous!

Well, I was already high on those Pom Martinis and those Tohonians ladies were dripping in seed beads originals. Gorgeous neck pieces and tons of hours of work to get that 3D effect. Unfortunately the badges destroyed our  fabulosity...just a  

more to come....


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A little of gemstones

After getting back from JCK, I am ready for Bead and Button but before I hit the road (or the sky) I am showing you a necklace that I created using two of the most popular colored gemstones.
Enjoy the images below.

Many jewelry lines will be featuring lots of amethyst for Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Citrine is another great gem that can enhance any Fall outfit.  You can go both ways on the earrings here. I choose for a single colour that can be worn separately so it's not too match match. A pair of sterling silver square hoops would also rock on!

Have a good day!