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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When fabulous tools don't do what you expect them to do

I spent more than an hour of my morning trying to embellish this fabulous brass cuff I bought 3 years ago.
I was working on a sample so I could submit for CYS class in Tucson next year. On my plans: covering with fish leather, adding cup chain, hf flat backs, two shell stones and etc. 
Unfortunately, it didn't go the way I wanted simply because the hole punching and riveting tools I have do not work on this project. seriously...I get frustrating when some people try t convince simple mortals that certain jewelry making techniques are very easy, very is the thing: I am leaving out the brands of those tools so people do not feel like I am reviewing those products because that's is not what I am doing. 
1st: punch pliers...fabulous idea and great tool but only if you are working with metal blanks (and I am not talking about large blanks...average size blanks) just because cuffs that are 2 to 3 inches wide in the middle section would not be punched because it can't reach it...duhhhh! Not so fabulous tool for me at the end....

2nd: twisting hole punch tool and riveting system...on 2009 I had already used one of these tools  in a project I designed for my book "modern expressions" so I think it's a cool concept and this one had riveting head on the opposite great is that?! nooope! Did not work at all for my cuff either because it can't reach the right place in order to rivet closed settings in I tried to change my concept and place them near to the edge as possible of my cuff because I could add several things between the two settings but again, I was wronnnng!

frustration, frustration and time wasted....

Unless you are Sandy Lupo, Kim St Jean or Candie Cooper, do not think that any mortal can do certain metal techniques without a wider array of cards under their sleeves.

As far as my cuff, I will get back on that design with the help of a metal smith who can use old fashion techniques from the real jewelry world and help my design become reality.

Both tools mentioned here are good for very basic hole punching design needs,but still you got to adapt the media you are working with to those tools - if you can do that fabulous! As far as riveting...practice a lot on cheap metals before you do your final's tricky and requires lots of patience what sometimes I personally don't have it. 

Not mentioning that the sizes of rivets widely available in the market most of the time do not fill the needs of its applications...get ready to buy all sizes of head available so you can switch back and forth as may times as you design calls for.

Good luck!

PS. I do have a fabulous drill press machine and my friend Sandy Lupo already told me that that's the baby I need to work on this design...serious stuff! I was trying to make it work with a more light weight and casual tool so sometimes we do need complexity in life.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Modern Expressions hits New Jersey Bead Society

Good Morning, my friends!

Later this evening, I will be at the New Jersey Bead Society to assist Wyatt White on his presentation of the new Beadalon catalog at their monthly meeting. parallel to the main event I will be promoting my book "Modern Expressions" to the ladies, that mean I will be selling, signing copies and displaying some of the jewelry within the book.
But the best of all, we will rubbing shoulders with my friend and fellow Create Your Style ambassador Sandy Lupo.

I will post pictures here over the weekend.
Have a fabulous day!

" Modern Expressions" brings jewelry making, fashion tips and lots of Brazilian flair to the reader.

From casual chic to the red carpet you will find a little bit of everything possible style.

Illustrations by Vladimir Alvarez
Designs by Fernando Dasilva for "Modern Expressions"
Published by FW Media.
 Copyright  © 2010

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seeking Susan Desperately

Last August, Beadalon and I promoted my book at their booth during the Bead Fest Show and we picked a winner for a signed copy of my book and a kit for one of the projects within.
Unfortunately, I lost the winner's address.
Now, I am " seeking Susan desperately ".

Susan, if you are still around please contact me so I can ship your prize to you.
I am sorry!
Time flies and I got caught with so many stuff that I ended up forgetting about this matter. Your prize is here. Please email me your address so I can get that in the mail for you.


Fernando Dasilva

Mother's Day quick giveaway winner

Thank you Maria Soto and "Unknown" for participating on my quick giveaway...I appreciated both of your comments on my previous post featuring my selection of the best dressed celebrities at the Met gala 2012.
The winner is the "Unknown" ...please send me a private message to with your t-shirt size and your address so I can ship you your prize.

BTW, the prize is a signed copy of my book "Modern Expressions", a black t-shirt with the title of the book crystallized by Swarovski Elements and a small bag with jewelry components picked by me.

I had a very small turned out but as I have learned as the years passed, quality is what matters.

Thanks again and keep reading because I will be running other giveaways, soon.

Truly yours,


Thursday, May 10, 2012

My favorites at the Met Gala 2012

Hello everybody!
I watched the red carpet event at the Metropolitan's website and here are images that belongs to W Magazine of my favorite looks - because sometimes the dress is gorgeous but the attitude is awful, and vice versa.

Giselle Bundchen - extremely sensuous and slightly sexy - regal beauty.

Tom Brady showing all the love to his beauty. he looks beyond gorgeous...sorry Manning , there is no other as handsome as Mr. Brady.

Vibrant yellow against the red carpet is great. Some Art Deco lines and the Cartier necklace is to die for...somehow she made both work together very of my favorite of the night.

Diane V Furstenberg chiqueeeeeeeeerrima - this lady knows how to do prints and the jewelry is amazing...wonder if is DVF for might be. 

I loved this over the top fringe almost French burlesque chic dress paired with the statement necklace....that btw she was one of the few who brought jewelry to The Met dinner as a focal element of her look. Bravissima! Chic, Chic, Chic!

Mr. Tom Ford the epitome of class and elegance with his muse wearing such exotic creation...its very Upper East Side Manhattan.

Kate Blanchet is simplesmennnnnnntch, that means, simply the regal amongst the regals...dress is amazing and her posture and marble skin is like the moonlight. Ultra chic!

Loved the way "see through" was done on this dress...this gotta be Dior or Givenchy. I think is Dior.
She can wear nest year or 10 years form now and it will still make a statement. Tres chic!

Black and dramatic...but her attitude is what makes the dress stand out..the girl with dragon tatoo over the top. Maravilhosa! Escandalo de lindo! Wonderful and all of the good stuff! lol

Tim Tebow looks incredibly handsome - I am speechless by the rays of light coming from  those blue eyes.  Helllo!

Loved the all gold snake skin dress..chic, young and she is right on. Loved the entire look. She is very chic!

Brazilian model Camille Bell - maravilhoooooza!

Emilio Pucci dress...loved the colors and the 60's psychedelic vibe.

Anna Wintour was one of the first ones I saw it on the red carpet. She was delightful nice and her look was astonishing. I loved the ivory/white/gold combo.

Images excerpted from W Magazine website.

Friday, May 4, 2012

My style on Bead Style

After taking a pause on submitting designs for arts and crafts magazines, I've decided to come back to the printed media to bring my work to the main stream. It was a wise decision because I was thrilled when I got informed that my necklace made the cover of Bead Style magazine.  The May issue has been out since beginning of April. I see that as an award to have my design selected based on a fresh approach on how to turn hidden components into the main element of a design. Thanks Bead Style and in special to Cathy Jakicic  who had selected some of my designs for upcoming issues, as well. 

My necklace designed last October exclusively for John Bead Corporation to be featured on JTV/Jewel School during a special sales event of amazing Czech glass kits of beads was brought back to the spotlight by Bead Style...another chance to highlight my design work and the beauty of Czech glass donut beads seen from a different angle.

My project was very well written and dissected by Naomi Fujimoto, editor and also jewelry designer - love the colors picked to be used next to the photos and text.

This picture shows the entire piece and all the elements working together - I worked on pretyy much 3 shades of, greens and silver - it's almost monocromatic but in different hues. Green gold faux pearls do the trick next to sterling silver toggle.


Call me crazy... but for some reason I think that my necklace on the previous picture reminded me of these  ancient ship...I don't know... the whole overall shape...the outerline is similar...Am I crazy!?!

On the last page, a couple of options for earrings and a second necklace with similar elements used on a different way - pearls, glass donuts and faux suede....circles of pearls rolling freely on somebody's neck. lol

Last but not least, another designs created exclusively for John Bead is featured on the galllery section...delicate, demure and subtle - usually places that my design work do not vist at all.
I painted filigree connectors with gilder's paste, added silk thread, crystals and used a similar style of toggle twice...up front and in the back. The other 2 designs on the page are equaly delicate and fresh...Spring is in the air. I loved the coral necklace on top right of the page.

Images of jewelry belong to Bead Style magazine - May issue 2012
All copyrights protected by law.

* image aquired online