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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day quick giveaway winner

Thank you Maria Soto and "Unknown" for participating on my quick giveaway...I appreciated both of your comments on my previous post featuring my selection of the best dressed celebrities at the Met gala 2012.
The winner is the "Unknown" ...please send me a private message to with your t-shirt size and your address so I can ship you your prize.

BTW, the prize is a signed copy of my book "Modern Expressions", a black t-shirt with the title of the book crystallized by Swarovski Elements and a small bag with jewelry components picked by me.

I had a very small turned out but as I have learned as the years passed, quality is what matters.

Thanks again and keep reading because I will be running other giveaways, soon.

Truly yours,



Maria Soto said...

wow that is some prize package - lucky 'unknown' - I love your work Fernando, you inspire me to get better on my jewelry

Fernando Dasilva said...

Maria Soto,

Please, send your address to the email below so I can ship you a copy of my book.

Maria Soto said...

well thanks!!! :D
my address is 6338 Moraine Ave. Hammond IN 46324.

Have you done any type of jewelry for bikers? I want to make some with leather, lace and metal - and some of my favorite swarovsky crystals. I've been looking for metal spikes to add to a design I have in mind but just can't find them - was thinking maybe some crystals in the shape of spikes. well I just might have to look around more - love the designs for men jewelry - they are sharp!!!

Mil Gracias!!!!