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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Garlan Chain Company

I came back from Mexico in a such golden mood and since then I have been creating lots of new designs exploring metallic combo and sometimes spotlighting a single mettalic color as well like on this necklace below.
I love the styleof this chain. It has a classic and substantial look that takes me back to old Hollywood glamour.
I wish I had big vintage pearls to add to the composition but I decided to use crystal red magma SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS large Twsite Sew-on Stone and carnelian links. The chain itself is the focal point so I did not want to do much. I wanted a statement piece, strong, retro and feminine.
I glued  some jet crystals chattons  for an extra pizazz. Garlan Chain Company has an extensive line of chain, in many styles, sizes and plating can be done as the customer want. Unfortunately the company onle sells to wholesalers and distributors but you can always find it through the best jewelry findings suppliers around the country. 

Check this out:

First is the necklace on a flat surface.

Second picture shows the necklace on a mannequin...great accessory for any Fall/Winter outfit. 
It pairs well with a head to toe black outfit, or a chocolate brown and others dark earthy  shades. Actually caramel would make it very chic as well.
Pick small earrings and add a stack of antique gold bangles.
Be sassy and have fun! 


Design and photos by Fernando Dasilva  ©  2010.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fernando Dasilva for John Bead Corporation

I have been developing a business relationship with John Bead Corp. from Canada for almost 3 years. We've meet during one of the CHA Shows when I was working at the Beadalon booth. Luckily our relationship has grown and after almost 2 years I finally started creating designs for them extending it to a partnership...I am basically creating samples pieces featuring most of their fabulous and well assorted line of jewelry supplies.
I have had the chance to visit with Wyatt their headquarters in Toronto and we both were mesmerized by the size of it and by the warmth reception we had. I think that works with nice people is half way of a successful result.
Those designs will be featured at some point on the "design gallery" on their website and eventually in other medias. 

I made a selection of my favorite ones to showcase not only my artmanship but the incredible selection of jewelry components that can be found in the market but many people don't know. I serious did not know about them away back and it's always important to have great sources that enable designers and hobbyists to turn into reality their inspirations.

And the best of all is that the design on the cover of my upcoming book showcases findings in sterling silver by them and is structured by more fabulous products that became a must have on my designer table - stringing wire, wire guardians™, bead bumpers™ and the fabulous and versatile polyester chain by Beadalon - the source for the high tech components ever...the first source. 

"Azzuro" - exploring textures in shades of blues and focusing on a large slice of agate as a pendant.

"Nine drops"- club time - a hip and young piece using lots of chain( not, not me?!) and an unusual color combo. Padparadscha SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS adds light and edginess.

"Iced branches" - simplicity of lines showcasing large bugle beads and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS STAR BEADS. Silver and light gold to cheer up the upcoming season.

"Tranquine"- I explored a technique Wyatt taught me recently and I played with sizes and dimensions of Czech peacock beads accented by pink silk knots. Tierra Cast rings hold the fairly heavy piece together.

"Forest nymph" - actually always romantic on my design daily basis but we must be all in one...I found those filigree leaves at the JB showroom and couldn't let them go...a attach crystals and turquoise beads using silk and connected all leaves using resign links.

"Pearl vine" - circles of multicolored pearls inter wined together...SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Cubes Beads break a little the circle mood. Frosted or white matte chain adds lightness to it.

"Victoria-regia"- named fater a huge Amazonian water Lilly this piece don't look like the flower itself but it's equally luscious and eye catching. Czech peacock dagger beads or drops are the highlight...I mixed blue and green and use #* carded silk blue with green beads and vice-versa...just to make it more intricate..technique is similar to the one used on  "Tranquine". Tierra Cast oval hammered links brings fun and artsy to the bush like section.

"Big love" - Well, life will not be complete without an entire piece highlighting SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS - on this piece lots of sparkles mixing Crystal Red Magma large hole Roundelles and large Heart Pendant, Siam Flower Pendants, and hues of Indian Pink and Crystal Silver Shade.
Red is always IN !

Designs by Fernando Dasilva for John Bead Corp.

All designs and pictures by Fernando Dasilva © 2010. 


Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's going on in Brazil in the jewelry world

Summer in Brazil is just on the corner and an explosion of colors can be found everywhere.
Street wear jewelry in Brazil has been influenced by sewing, weaving and gluing of fabrics onto stones an dot metal components. Lots of hand crafted techniques have been used to create many styles of necklaces made with stripes of fabric. Also ribbons are playing major part on focal points since they've been used to create flowers that sets asymmetrically on the neckline.

Here are some pics I took of few pieces that caught my eyes.

Both pictures above were taken at a mall in Sao Paulo and this store has the coolest and trendiest items.

The last two pictures above are showing pieces I bought on the streets of Brasilia, that is my hometown. Simple but beautiful and inspiring pieces made by hands of talented people. What I like the most  is the solution they create to add style and make it work. It's casual, fun and vibrant.

See you next!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Creating with Swarovski Elements

After been in Rhode Island  at the Swarovski North America headquarters for a meeting and training with some of fellow Ambassadors, I brought home with me many beautiful Swarovski Elements  and few of them were used on this design. I created this set of necklace and earrings - that not necessarily needs to be worn together - made with cosmic circle stone on a new ceramic color and a fabulous flat stone butterfly. I used a gun metal filigree leaf pendant as the focal point but lots is happening before it gets to the center of the necklace. First, I strung Indian Red and Indian Pink bicones (Article 5328) onto silver plated ear hoops by Beadalon to create beaded circles, and then I cover a section of a cosmic ceramic circle stone with cotton crystal copper yarn. Cosmic ceramic pendants were added to bring more of that same shade and texture to the design.
The connections were made using brass grey oval links and a finished off with an off-white frosted chain by John Bead Corporation - one of the largest jewelry suppliers from Canada.
To add a different element I've decided to create two separate strands of beads knotted on #8 copper carded silk and weave it through the links once they were together.

Enjoy it!

Jewelry set designed by Fernando Dasilva made with Swarovski Elements © 2010.
 All rights reserved.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to business

I was in Brazil for a month and got back last week and flew the next day to the
Swarovski HQ in Cranston -Rhode Island for two days of Ambassadors meeting and training. I have lots of info to share and soon new designs.
For now a gorgeous picture taken in Brazil and a bracelet freshly made just to practice "putting" components together. More to come soon.

Above a typical flower grown on the Brazilian savanna - does great in hot, dry and arid environments stands out as the main flower that symbolizes the area where Brasilia was built, in Portuguese is called "cerrado". 

I was practicing a little last night and made this bracelet - birds flying away from the coming cold days - bye bye spring!

All findings from Michael's stores and German style wire form Beadalon.