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Monday, October 8, 2012

Instant Glam™ by Fernando does Paris

I debuted Instant Glam™ by Fernando in Paris,  right after Fashion Week as an after party bash...very few Parisians had the honor to see in person what Instant Glam™ is about and the acceptance was beyond belief! I was astounded !!!

My Tuscany collection of bezels and crystal rocks manufactured in partnership with John Bead under the name Instant Glam™ by Fernando  is tailored to people who wants to make a splash in a flash - and Parisians are just like that.

My own necklace featuring our gunmetal arrow head bezel with matching shape of jet crystal rocks was part of my daily uniform and a sign that Instant Glam™ is here to stay.

Have you ordered yours already?

Canadian Thanksgiving Day

Good Morning, my glamourous people!

I want to take the time today to thank and to cheers the whole Canadian nation for its Thanksgiving Day!
I personally want to thank all my the ladies form canada who were at the latest Create Your Style Cruise and got to be with me and Wyatt at our workshops - you ladies became fans and have been following and supporting our work since then. 
Thanks also to all the ladies and gentlemen from Montreal who I have meet last year, we had a ball at Wyatt's class and was incredibly inspiring to meet so many talented artists.
Last but not least, special thanks to all my colleagues at John Bead Corporation - our journey  has just started!

Eat, drink, love and dance!

" Thanksgiving Day in Canada is linked to the European tradition of harvest festivals. A common image seen at this time of year is a cornucopia, or horn, filled with seasonal fruit and vegetables. This represents the "Horn of Plenty", which was a symbol of bounty and plenty in ancient Greece. Turkeys, pumpkins, ears of corn and large displays of food are also used to symbolize Thanksgiving Day. "

With love,



Saturday, October 6, 2012

Instant Glam invites you to dinner!

Hello my glamourous people!

A Saturday with lots of

 Today, Instant Glam™ by Fernando invites you to dinner!

Our Tuscany collection with six shapes of Swarovski Elements crystal rocks can be applied to place mats to make that special occasion unforgettable. Add luxury to your table with our crystal rocks.
Perfect for upcoming celebrations of Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Years.

An overview of our table in the Swarovski Crystal lounge at the headquarters of John Bead Corp in Toronto. Swarovski Elements Innovations 2013/14 Winter is served.

Instant Glam™ Crystal Rocks crystal silver shade drops were used to enhance this propylene place mat.

On the set above we used Instant Glam Crystal Rocks crystal golden shadow rectangle to repeat the same effect...crystal rocks were glued on top of it.
If you have textile place mats Crystal Rocks can be  ironed on directly to the fabric. 

Have a glamourous weekend!

Friday, October 5, 2012

My work featured at Michael's website

Hello my  glamourous people!

Michael's Stores Inc, arts and craft paradise, is celebrating jewelry month this October...I personally didn't know that October was a jewelry making month at Michael's...but anywayyyyy...I was commissioned by Create Your Style to create a design to be promoted through Michael's featuring Swarovski Elements of course and many other products that could be found at Michael's.
I selected products by their in house brand "Beadland" and of course Beadalon.
Michael's sent me a gift card for their products and CYS provided all crystals among the assortment carried by Michaels.

When my contact at Swarovski talked with me about it I had immediately in mind my inspirational source for the design and you can see below what was it.

Both images above belong to Bjork's latest album called "Biophylia" and I bought it because I was fascinated by the image of its cover. I am not a fan o Bjork's music although I think her music is fantastic it's very difficult to decipher - juts like a Sphinx's riddle. But you can tell that an artist like her gotta be re veered just by the fact that she's not doing pop but cult. 
So, I wanted to translate not only the colors of it but most important of all the exquisite almost extraterrestrial vibe of it.

This photo is the inside cover of Bjork's album and I loved the dress by Iris Van Herper that was the inspiration for the twisted coil sections on my design.

I wanted to combine more than one technique onto a single piece so I had to create different sections separately to be assembled later on.
Stringing, wire wrapping, wire coiling, basic seedbeading and hole punching - besides that it's all about open and close ing jump rings...which sometimes can be a pain in the ***.

Above an overview of the piece.

On the picture above you can see my coiled sections that I surrealistically think represent Bjork's wild hair and form that hair snakes could appear suddenly juts making a connection between this alien character and the Greek mythological figure Medusa. Almost like if you would gaze directly to Bjork's photo you would turn onto stone.

My version features crystal AB star pendants instead of a snake

Above you can see the piece finished on a surreal's a non-commercial piece and not to be taken too seriously.

I hope you guys like  as much as I do.

Special thanks to Michael's, Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements and E.K.Success.

Photos from Bjork's latest album called Biophylia by Nonesuch Records.
Album photos by  Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin
Cover by MSM (Paris)
All rights reserved .

Photos  and design of 'Medusa' neckpiece by Fernando DaSilva
Copyright 2012.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Instant Glam by Fernando available @ John Bead

Hello my glamourous friends!

Things have been crazy and September was fantastic! # trips, 3 countries and the launching of my signature line in partnership with John Bead was a tremendous success..
I will be posting pictures soon but now let get straight to the point.

My line is currently available through John Bead under the co-brand of Metal Complex and you can take a glance at this fantabulus banner below. Click on the link to browse the entire collection.

If you are a wholesaler or retailer, please place your orders so you can be the first ones to spread lots of Nando's glam  the DIY world.
Use this blog as a source of inspiration. Lots of different applications will be posted here soon.

GLAM IT up, baby!

After gluing our luxurious crystal rocks jet drop onto a sensational  over the top bezel add a pre-made fire polished glass chain to it and bammmmm : Instant gratification!!!

This kind of necklace is perfect as a party favor for bridal showers, jewelry parties, fundraisers luncheons and endless very chic parties.  Get all your girlfriends together and juts do it! All your guests will feel incredibly special when greeted at the door with such cool gift.


Necklace above is the ultimate bye bye to Summer falling into Fall. Blue zircon and black diamond Swarovski crystal beads and Instant Glam™ by Fernando bezel covered with a luxurious piece of patented turquoise fish leather - our Second Skin™ collection totally eco friendly and very JLO visiting the Amazon. 
Glamour by the riverbanks of Brazil wearing a totally sustainable product. No waste but luxury!
Soon, wil be available at John Bead.

The above picture shows another great way of glamorize your wardrobe with our Instant Glam™ drop bezel. Just glue a pin onto the back and you have a unique brooch to hold that fabulous  scarf or shawl around your voluptuous cleavage. Woooooorrk it!