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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Instant Glam™ by Fernando workshops @ JTV

Hello my friends!

Today I am launching my signature line called Instant Glam™ by Fernando among some lovely ladies who are fans, followers and enthusiasts of JTV and Jewel School designers.
Many of these ladies have seen me on my guest appearance for Beadalon and John Bead at Jewel School and I might have some new ladies that have not seen my work nor my face on TV. 
Regardless, they are all welcome to join me on my Instant Glam™ workshops.

The design showcases two products designed exclusively for and manufactured by John Bead.
The project highlights some of the latest findings by Beadalon that have been forgotten by some of their customers and I am bringing them to the spotlight...the pendant is structured around gunmetal and gunmetal and gold, sometimes silver color shades and crystal Bermuda blue Swarovski Elements twist coin beads.
I used 18 gauge hematite Artistic Wire® to create simple double loop connectors and gold-plated EZ lobster clasps to closure the ends of both parts of the necklace. The look resembles Art Deco/1920 e years....gilded gold and jet to sparkle the ideas and add an industrial vibe to it.

In the middle of the design, a substantial, bold, extravagant and unorthodox bezel is filled with crystal rocks, an innovative component made by Swarovski Elements that showcase double pointed chatons.
The participantes of the workshops will have the opportunity to see in person four of the shapes chosen by JTV to be part of  this launching. The complete collection has six shapes of both products and we are releasing it in silver and gunmetal color.

Each bezel has its matching Instant Glam™ crystal rocks but both products are versatile enough to stand on its own - both products can be use separately on different applications.
As matter of fact, crystal rocks can be adhered to home decor items or hot-fixed directly to textile on items like curtains and pillows.
Instant Glam™ bezels can be used in conjunction with resin, two-part epoxy putty, polymer clay or filled with different materials - possibilities are endless.

The necklace above is the original idea for the workshops, however few things had to change to make it doable for everybody. The middle piece is called "tres" and the Italian architecture was the inspiration behind its creation.

I hope you all like it and buy

Stay tuned for more finished designs amde with different shapes.

Glam it Up, baby!!!


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