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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Modern Jewelry Made in Brazil

I spent Xmas in Brazil on December of 2008. Before I head to my hometown I spent a week in Sao Paulo, one of my favorites cities in the whole world. It was awesome to be in Brazil during the holiday season after an absence of almost a decade. Among many great things I saw in Sao Paulo that December the one that got all my attention it was a jewelry line I spotted in this fabulous neighborhood called  Jardins (gardens).

I went to a street fair with my friend Mauro looking for cool tees and I did find some ultra fashion ones but the most interesting finding was the jewelry line of Maria Clarice.  Her pieces are very modern and ubber cool. She started designing jewelry repairing some of her mother's vintage pieces and them she channel her calling for design into jewelry making...then later on she wold be updating old pieces and making them better and was a married between form and functionality. 

You might think that I am crazy since more than a year has passed by and I am bringing to you something "old"....but dahhling, let me tell you: her jewelry has one the most important things that a wearable jewelry line needs to have for me...timelessness...considering the economy and the fast pace that we live in nowadays it's great for any woman to buy an accessory today and still be able to wear it 2 years later...Maria Clarice pieces are contemporary and futuristic, casual chic and funk and sometimes whimsical.
Take a look at the few pictures I took of her line at the time (I was authorized by her to do it and she did tell me that her website was under construction) and they look like they were created for her 2010 Summer line. I believe that is almost impossible for anybody to look at a entire designer's line and fall in love for everything but her overall aesthetic and vibe is incredible! I did think her jewelry is very Daliciuus™ to look at it! 
So I hope you like as much as I did.

BTW her website is finally up and running and you can check it out and see what's she's been up to. Yes, it's in Portuguese but come on if I made in English you can make in Portuguese as well.

Enjoy Maria Clarice designs below:

I love the colors of the long necklace and the free form patched leather necklace.

Very cool components holding the cords together. Like the combo of synthetic stones, metal and fabric.

Above a selection of few of my favorite pieces.

On this picture the designer herself showing to a customer how the necklace sits once is on.
You can see in the background more of her creations.

Maria Clarice can be found at the street fair of Benedito Calixto Street plaza.

Sometimes I ask myself why I should spotlight another designer's creations but the answer is that I want to share with you what I like, what gets into my  eyes and brings me joy and of top of all I believe that beauty doesn't exist by itself. It needs to be seen, it needs to be worshipped, it needs to be talked and it needs to be admired. 

All designs on this post were created by Maria Clarice © 2008.

Photos by this blogger.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A very popular stone

We are starting a new week  and I am bringing back a relatively old piece made for my Summer/2009 line because old is new and new is old. There will be always a place for turquoise (Chinese stabilized turquoise) and clear crystals on your accessory box. The background is a sunny and very blue sky.

Fernando Dasilva © 2009.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I created this very subtle necklace inspired of course by Frida Kahlo. 
Frida to me is the epitome of everything Mexican...her art was dramatic, colorful, tough and many times morbid but regardless the reasons for such painful art legacy, Frida was a real ambassador of her people and her nation. 
To celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the unquestionable importance of its people in our lives I want to spotlight this formidable woman and her colors.

On this piece:  carved resin roses, Peruvian hand-painted wood by Great Craft Works™, light amethyst drops, once dyed and now faded cherry chalcedony drops, brass, twisted jump rings made with Artistic Wire®, 19 strands Beadalon® .024' satin silver stringing wire and antique brass heart toggle by John Bead Corp.

Fernando Dasilva © 2010.