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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Images to get inspired

Hello , my glamorous people!

Yes, my life has been 'up in the air" a lot lately however I did not forget about this space.
Second day of Spring and we woke up surrounded by snow...terrible, long, endless winter season...I can't wait for that to be behind.
I was in Lafayette, Louisiana last weekend and was great to get that sunny warmth touching my  cinnamon skin again. Delicious and nutritious.

I am beginning a new project today and I spent 40 minutes scanning the pages of 3 books that I simply love. The goal is to get my eyes and mind excited and get inspired by and create beautiful things.
If you have wondered how do I get inspired, here are my sources of inspiration for the next week. I do not sketch , nor make notes of anything I particularly liked the most from those books. 

Baroa potato from Brazil

Ype-amarelo - Brasilia, Brazil

Yellow Gladiolas

Door in Paris - Saint Germain Du Pres neighborhood


Okra and smoked shrimp stew - Caruru

Banana-apple - Brazil

Palm oil and Acarajes - dried shrimp and black-eye beans croquettes

' Gold because it offers the purity and the flow of springwater, shaping the body until is nothing more than a line.'

Yves Saint Laurent

Have a good day!