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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Very busy trade show season

Hello, my glamourous people!

So many many many starsssssss...

I know...I haven't been here in ages and we are already heading to the middle of February and no posts from me at all...2013 has been hectic, busy, crazy and dramatic...lots of good drama and not so good drama but I can tell you that I am fiercely moving forward. At this moment I am battling a bronquitis and has not been easy. 

This year I  have already traveled to California (Los Angeles and Anaheim), Canada, (Toronto--of courrrse peeee powww), Texas( Houston , where I lots my wallet with all docs plus some,  Arizona (Tucson) and Knoxville, TN for Jewel School for the launching of Instant Glam.

I am heading today to Birmingham, UK for the fabulous and fashion forward Craft Hobby & Stitch International Show and I am very excited about been in UK the culture love the people (both and love that aristocratic accent.

This year I will be working with John Bead to support our British distributor CJ Beader's. On top of all, I will be teaching 3 workshops of 45 minutes each for a maximum of 20 people on each session. Love the size of the class, the quick-express type. I will be promoting Instant Glam by Fernando....of course!!! And John Bead, too...not only through the workshop.

I have designed 6 full looks for the catwalk show, that this year promises to be very high tech and totally London-Milan- Paris- Sao Paulo circuit type.
I choose globalization as my theme and my pieces will showcase a large variety of items from the vast selection of product lines we at John Bead have to offer...for obvious reasons the focus will be the latest products lines: Instant Glam by Fernando (meeee), Second Skin fish leather (hot hot hot), Lovely Knots - our latest program tailored to the trendy bracelets fever using trail cords, plus blanks by Metal Complex, rattail by Dazzle-It and fantastic died howlite beads on f all colors in shapes of peace sign, Buddha heads and Asian symbols.

All accessories were sprinkled when not loaded with Swarovski Elements to add that must have touch of glamour and sophistication that only Swarovski Elements can add to any catwalk event...reads Victoria Secrets, Oscar, and the list go on and on and on...

One of my missions is crystallizing the world a day at a time thorough Swarovski Elements, however I am bringing to the stage the fire and sparkle of fantastic fire polished Czech glass beads from our fabulous line of Czech glass beads. 
I believe that all beads can occupy the same space in harmony...just like starts in a dark night.

Here is a sneak peek of John Bead's collaboration to the Craft Hobby Stitch International catwalk show:

Bracelets made with Instant Glam by Fernando using ultra suede, 2 part epoxy clay and Swarovski Elements chattons.

Memory wire by Beadalon; acrylic, Swarovski Elements Bicone  and died howlite beads. Tassels made with "Lovely Knots" cords yellow and strawberry pink.

Instant Glam Drop necklace....crystal rocks and bezels by Instant Glam by Fernando, silver and black rattail cords by Dazzle-It.

I will come back from UK with fresh news from the show floor... I promise...

well.... you better not to wait because you know that blogging is not my forrrrrte...I am too busy peeeeeee powwwwww!

Lov u!


Ps...OMG, and the Cranaval in Brazil was fantastic and I did not even see a hint of it...I am lossing my samba sad!