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Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review

Hello my glamoUrous, people!

I wish to all of you a prosperous, healthy and brilliant new year filled with victory on all our endeavors.

2012 past by like a thunderbolt and I am grateful for many achievemnents and new chances to branch out my talent, brand and glamor.

Thank you to all of you for supporting my work and cheer every moment of glam throughout of the year.

Here the highlights of my life on the fantabulous lane - that is  non-stop chase for success and fame based on genuine talent and lots of work.

The launching on my component line manufactured by Metal Complex for the DIY market was the biggest achievement in 2012. Metal Complex and I still working on the lauching events that will be handled during some of the most important trade shows in the begining of 2013.

Instant Glam ™by Fernando is here to stay and blossom during 2013.

I was featured as a designers expert for the fabulous UK magazine Make Jewellery and was featured next to a ttally hot ginger British lad loaded with style. Love that some editors already see my name as a reference also on the men jewelry segment....fantabulous and ulta ubber metrossexual. Loved it!
Thanks Make Jewellery!

Garlan Chain Company an american manufacturer of high end chainfeatured my designs on a very nice advertise featured on some of the arts and craft magazines. Love the rose-gold chain done specially for me.

More to come.

Beijos and hugs to all of you!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Giveaway pack to Sherry

Sherry Zobel was the winner of my most recent giveaway.
I added few more items to her Instant Glam™ by Fernando package because its Xmas time

I hope all of you my glamorous friends keep checking what's ja happening o on this virtual space. I want to keep inspiring and hope one day I reach the place I want but for the moment I am very happy and grateful for what life had s given to me. And 2012 has been's almost time for a the best of the year. Despite, personal family issues work has given me enough to keep my mind occupied  and looking for better solutions and better days.

Thanks Sherry and all of you! 
This space will not exist without you on the other side of the screen.

Kisses, Beijos, Bacione, Bejos!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


And the winner of an Instant Glam™ set and a signed copy of my book "Modern Expressions " is :


According to Sherry the advertise created by Metal Complex for 
Instant Glam™ by Fernando
is :

Sexy, Sassy and Sophisticated.

Thank you Sherry for engaging on this 'conversation'.lol
Please send me your contact information to

Special thanks to all of the lovely ladies who entered this giveaway:

Teresea Paton, Kris1252, The Crafty Mama, Beetique,
Jamie North, Lulu Potter, Ms. Beth,
The Dixon Chick and Dee Donyes. 

Friday, December 14, 2012


A dearest friend and follower of this blog asked me to postponed the announcement of my Instant Glam™ giveaway due to the terrible events happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School today.

I will be picking the winner next Monday, December 17th.

Lack of faith and fear of the unknown is what makes people let dark shadows to take control of their minds and guide them into an abyss. 

It's important to believe!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Second Skin™ by Metal Complex®

Metal Complex® launched last month a new line called Second Skin™ - the name is sensual and makes you wonder what it is...let me tell you, honey...

Second Skin is a line of tilapia fish leather 100% eco-friendly, sustainable and a groundbreaking product straight from the fresh waters of my home land, Brazil. All the production that has been disposed had been recycled and transformed into this luscious leather that is luscious, chic, modern, versatile and soft like skin and it feel like a Second Skin™.

Metal Complex® color chart is strong and fashion forward. Below are some inspirational designs to blow your mind. 

Purple feathers, Dazzle-It rattail cords and extra large jump rings and purple suede Second Skin™ covering a wood ring.

Cuff bracelets using pistachio and denim blue Second Skin™ leather and tons of sparkle accents by Swarovski Elements.

An over the top ring filled with bright glossy red Second Skin™ and covered with clear resin by ETI - fantabulous #D make your girlfriends dye of envy!

Oh my!!!! Instant Glam™ crystal silver shade Crystal Rocks paired with Second Skin - totally decandent and perfectly tailored to Anna Wintour's
Second cuff made with grey suede Second Skin™ with czech crystal cup chain running on top of it to make your wrist more noticeale.

Second Skin™ is totally DaliciUus !

Second Skin is available through:

All pieces designed by Fernando Dasilva for Metal Complex. Copyright © 2012.

Make one for yourself, a second as a gift and on the third one please share the profit with
It's okay to repost the images above but please credit the source.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Metal Complex advertising Instant Glam™ by Fernando

Hello, my glamourous people!

Have you seen the new advertisement for Instant Glam™ by Fernando created  by Metal Complex?
It is on the back cover of the latest Bead Style jewelry making magazine and it's quiet beautiful.
THis full page ad will be featured in several magazines for a period of time, but I am thrilled that 
Bead Style is debuting it.

Answer the question below to win a signed copy of my book Modern Expressions and an Instant Glam™ by Fernando duet.

* What are the 3 words that come to your mind when you look at this advertisement?

This giveaway is valid for USA and Canada only and will run from December 3rd to 14th.

Good Luck!