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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day at Maison Dasilva

After talking with my friend Katie Hacker (sidebar link) over the phone yesterday afternoon, I've realized that I had not make any design recently suitable for Valentine's Day. I mean, I had not designed a Valentine's Day inspired piece for my own signature line.
I did make two fabulous designs (I actually had might designed 3 pieces) inspired by Valentine's for John Bead Corp but I did not want to re-post designs that have recently featured on this blog.

Back to the main reason of this post, during my conversation with beading diva and TV hostess  Katie Hacker I remembered that I bought a pair of high end turquoise donut hearts 2 years ago, when I visited IGM in California...just perfect for the occasion.
The goood thing is that turquoise is such timeless gemstone and nothing better to step into the Spring with a fabulous and deep shade of blue.

Following fashion tendencies right now I mixed 2 metal shades, added texture and created a very sexy pair of earrings styled in the picture below coordinating with several strands of white gemstones - agate nuggets, faceted howlite and white coral....for an extra pizazz a delicate matte gold-plated heart chain by John Bead Corp. was wrapped around the triple strand necklace. Check your self  and tell me what you think.

Happy Valentine's Day !
Gemstones used: "almost" sleepy beauty turquoise donut hearts, faceted Chinese turquoise round bead and almandine garnet roundels. 
Metals:  gold-plated German style wire by Beadalon;  donut heart wrapped with gold-filled wire and carved rose ear-post in rhodium-plated over sterling silver.
Gold-plated matte heart chain by John Bead Corporation.

Photos and designs by Fernando Dasilva © 2011.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flashes from Tucson II

A few more pics taken during worktime because life is not only about celebrations...

Demo and workshop for CYS with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Show:

Well, let's say that this year lots of things were different during my regular events. I was supposed to be demoing the fabulous jewelry pieces in the above picture on Monday the Feb, 1st but for some reason I totally missed my date and I was at the CYS Show taking a class on riveting with Nick Regine, instead of been at the lobby doing my demo.
Luckily, I was able to finally do my demo on Wednesday, 2nd.
The earrings are totally cool and airy, and after learned with Wyatt White on making rings using Artistic Wire I was able to shape a single cosmic triangle stone onto a modern cocktail ring...very "Modern Expressions".

Setting up my station and posing for my fellow designer and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS ambassador Katie Hacker.

Bracelets created by me for my CYS  with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS workshop. Fun, trendy, unique and intricate but seems like it did not appeal to the attendees at all.

Above is the lady who lonely attended to my workshop. She loved it because all my time was dedicated to her. She was making the bracelet to give as a gift to her grand daughter but left the class wearing it.
As far as the workshop itself, I will offer it on my Summer workshops. I love the piece and believe on its potential, besides it's haute couture darling! 
Impossible to score all the time. It's real life!

Demos for John Bead at TBTB Show:

At the TBTB Show in the John Bead Corp booth. 

Showing to two ladies how versatile the Tierra Cast findings are and their multi use on different designs when combined with right components.

Showing to the lovely attendee how to form basic links and loops using German style wire.

On the picture above I was making a ring using similar center crystal bead used on a necklace set created for the demos.

"Drops of love" bracelet created for one of the demos.
Spotlighting John Bead , Swarovski Elements and Tierra Cast components. Piece tailored for Valentine's week. Interesting that the famous Brazilian high end jewelry brand HStern had released a similar "Love" pendant in 18k yellow gold. 
Keep on the budget and make it yourself using sterling silver. Available through John Bead website.
Sleek  and young! J'adore!

Above, a very sexy necklace paired with coordinated earrings spotlighting Indian red and crystal red magma special effect by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. It's all about the fire of love and a touch of   women's mystique. 

Trends on this piece: mixed  metals, chain reaction, black diamond and hematite hints of colors.
Last two pieces designed by me for John Bead.

Photos at CYS Show taken by Katie Hacker © 2011

Photography of cosmic triangle earrings and ring courtesy by Beadalon © 2011

Pictures at TBTB Show in the John Bead booth taken by Erwin Vivanco © 2011

"Drops of love" and "Be my Valentine" designs by Fernando Dasilva for John Bead Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS ©   2011.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashes from Tucson 2011

I did not have my camera with me this year during my events in Tucson.
Once again, we wre there for 8 days and the weather thisyear was surreal...cold, windy and cold again.
Katie Hacker  and Craig Brown surprised me with a fabulous mustard scarf and was my saving grace because I did not have any heavy coat with I was able to pass by the gelid days wearing a sweater and my mustard scarf that I paired a couple of times with my mustard pants.

Above, Katie Hacker and I arriving at the place to be on Wednesday, Feb 2nd in Tucson. A celebration bash promoted by John Bead Corporation. The party was upbeat and the vibe was incredibly fun. The massive presence of the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS ambassadors added an extra pound of sparkles to the already stellar night.

Brianna, a JB associate, wearing a neckpiece designed by me for John Bead. Strands of leather held by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS cosmic stones...simple but unexpected. I was inspired by one of the latest Roberto Cavalli runway shows.  It  was really cool having someone so young and upfront to wear it so I can retouch the concept and expand the styling options.
Tres chic! J'adore!

In the picture above, John Bead crew minus Daniel John (btw, where was him?), the fantabulous beading diva, fashion columnist and designer extraordinaire Laura Timmons with this blogger.

Above totally powerhouse - Wyatt White (reads Beadalon) and the ultra talented designer, instructor, consultant and awarded polymer clay expert Lisa Pavelka. I love how this picture captured their vibe. Happiness is in the air! 

The Fantastic 3  - John Bead associates: Erwin, Brianna and in the background on the right the saucy Melanie waving at me. 

Flashes from CHA Winter Show

My appearance at CHA inter Show in Los Angeles this year a was fast and furious.
I was literally there just for 3 events and did not have time to walk the floor and check out what's was going on.

Below are shots from my book signing events and a jewelry contest hosted by Margot Potter and I at the F+W Media booth.

Patricia Smith modelling for "Modern Expressions" book signing at the Beadalon booth during CHA Winter Show 2011- Los Angeles. Patricia is the daughter of a dearest friend who lives in LA and assisted me during those events.
It was fabulous having her wearing some of the pieces from the book since I cannot wear them myself. She was styled by Wyatt White and I.
On the big display one of my pieces form the exhibition "Orixas- mother nature"held in NYC in 2009. The neck piece is a homage to Yansa, goddess of winds and lightning.

Getting books ready to be signed. 
Copies of the book were donated by my publisher as a courtesy to the attendees.

Pam and Julie form Tierra Cast findings were the first two people who stopped by to check out the book and wish me all the best.

Beadalon's Product Manager and Director of Education Wyatt White surrounded by Patrica Smith and Janet Christy. 

A close up on Wyatt and patricia. Glamour girl!

Second book signing of the day at the F+W Media booth at CHA.
Patricia Smith is wearing "Bougainvillea" a lush necklace loaded with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals in pinks, reds, opals, greige and padparadscha. 
Daliciuuslee beautiful! 
(inside of the white bowl, my already traditional Brazilian bonbons "Sonho de Valsa" - must giveaway during my book events).

Attendees at the F+W Media booth working their minds and imagination on creating a piece of jewelry using the components donated by some sponsors.

Above is a glance at the lay out that captures my attention at first sight and the lady who created that end up being the winner.

Beadalon, Blue Moon Beads, Jewel TV and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS donated jewelry components so the attendees could pick their faves and create something right there.

The 1st place winner of the jewelry contest competition. She had never made a single piece of jewelry and Margot and I really liked how she put all components together. The competition was about creating a look that would capture our design vision, and she did it!
Congratulations, darling!