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Friday, April 30, 2010

Love and mothers are forever

Because red is love, red is passion,  red is fertility, red is heart, red is drama, and drama is synonym of mother  and I can't imagine life without my mother.

Design featuring Murano glass heart pendant with milefiliore and gold foil details.
Design by Fernando Dasilva © 2010.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 and Copacabana

Last November, the folks of generously sent me few jewelry components that I requested with the intention of using in some of the designs I was creating for "Modern Expressions".
Unfortunately I ended up using only a fabulous ultra cool sterling silver clasp that I've spotted on their website but a few other components were temporarily forgotten on my fabulous and exciting stash of jewels.

Initially I wanted to create a fabulous and substantial necklace using the shell pendants you are seeing on these sexy pair of earrings. 
I loved the etched shells that have been around for awhile and the details of these in particular caught my eyes at website...they are called blacklip shell wavy pendant black cross stitch)...whooof
I have to say that they were not what I was expecting simply because they are light weight. I am terrible figuring certain things out through websites, like measurements, sizes, thickness..serious!
I am one of those people who like to touch things, to see close by.

Well, it came the day that I decided that I could do something else with them because they are still very pretty and here they are. I create a sassy design incorporating both colors.

I only requested one of each of the colors I picked, so why not to make a pair of earrings with both... Below is the image of my sexy, summerish, "Copacabana nights" earrings.

Because I got black motifs in one shell  and orange/rusty in the other one, I decided to keep its mood and I am betting on black/red and black/white for Summer strongly.
So I mixed them with gun metal star charms, Indian red, jet and greige Swarovski Elements and red aluminum chain.
If you are wondering how I turn both shells into double hole pendants the answer is : I used glue on bails from Beadalon attached with Bead Fix adhesive square in the back (my new thing...I am so dig in it ).

The necklace is from my own was designed quite time ago  and it features 14ky gold chain and ruby, cherry chalcedony and sunstones briolettes. It doesn't match the earrings but I think coordinates very well...besides I have always been a huge fan o mixing metal colors...and these days it's so IN.

I don't think I need to tell you that now I love those shells and I am glad that I asked the folks of to send it to me. I did not use for what I intent for at first sign but they do made my earrings inspiration fabulous and fresh..and you know..they do remind me of Copacabana and the mermaids from Ipanema.

Disclosure:  Blacklip and red lip wavy shell pendants - cross stitch ( SHL-LP88/89) were kindly provided free-of-charge by, within the frames of blogging program. The author of this blog has not received any payment from above-mentioned company. The post above represents only personal opinion of the blog author.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Donna Karan style

This morning I watched an interview with Donna Karan for the first time on "The View". The designer was promoting her Spring/Summer 2010 collection. I don't follow her work so I can't say that I'm a fan but I loved what she said about her inspiration for this collection...words like: airy, beachie, summer @ the Hamptons, organic, natural was delightful to listen to her  and learn that we don't need to be so eloquent to talk about our work...sometimes few key words are enough and the work will speak for itself.

I loved that she is working with white, off white,  grey and touches of ultra light blues - the designer herself was all in black but incredibly her outfit screamed summer and I loved the jewelry. I took few pics of the the images are not sharp but good enough to feel DKNY™'s mood.


  Great shoes...great color palette...layers of clothes to be played with it.

The triple strand necklace is great and very casula chic. Impossible to tell what beads are those but I could swear to God that they are dyied shell, dyed bamboo coral or made out of rubber...large knots between...hmmmmmm...maybe I can find it on her website. Totally modern expressions.

I loved the gladiator sandals...we are definitely living on a Greek-Roman mood...
I never had doubt about her elegance I just never had watched her on TV before.
I might become a fan now.  


Sunday, April 11, 2010

One among my favorites CRYSTALLIZED™ special effect

I am so dig in crystal red magma special effect launched by Crystallized last year. A rich red shade that can be placed between Light SIam and Indian Red, I already consider the red magma effect the perfect shade for everything that exudes latin flavor - seduction, passion and sensuality, a translation of fire that born inside a vulcan and is spilled to the earth with strong destruction power.
The image below is a small corner of one of the projects made for Modern Expressions.   

Connections, links, rings, circles, and then more connections.