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Monday, February 22, 2010

Alexandre Herchcovitch

I decided not to take pictures of the runway show because I wanted to see without filters and enjoy the moment. I was able to find on the Net great professional pictures from  and here are my favorite looks.




I 've got goose bumps all over my body. The strong atmosphere and the well tailored work put on each piece reflected on the runway. The applications of CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements on his clothes were nicely done and well balanced, sometimes a small group of flat backs placed here and there and other times a jacket was covered in the back with small jet crystals and the effect was gorgeous. I saw a color palette never experienced and considered by me before...Can you imagine mauve, hyacinth, topaz, golden shade and a touch of erinite all together?! I created an work board inspired by some of  Herchcovitch ideas and 
I will create a jewelry piece inspired by his vision. 
I am not a fashion specialist and I don't know the fashion lingo so I am not adding captions to the pictures above.

I forgot to add few hyacinth crystals but the components above captured some of Herchco aesthetic for his Fall/Winter 2010 collection.   


I was invited 2 go 2 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York to see the latest collection of a Brazilian designer. I got sick last week but I decided to take several drugs to accelerate my recover  because I wanted to get at least better enough to drive to Manhattan...and I did. I was really happy that I got to go because I've learned that this was the last season that the fashion week happens at the tents in Bryan Park ( by the way, one of my favorite spots in Manhattan). Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will start next September at the Lincoln Center complex. Another favorite spot in Manhattan....very chic and definitely an artsy atmosphere.

Below is the invitation that as matter of fact I loved it! Yes, I am showing you everything because for me was a big deal...I always wanted to see the runway shows.

The invitation was for the fabulous, unique, trendsetter, visionary Alexandre Herchcovitch show. I followed the beginning of Herchcovitch career in the middle of the 90's in Brazil and at the time he was the only Brazilian designer who de constructed fashion in Brazil. "Hercho" thinks outside the box and he is more than a designer, more than a talented man who can make clothes to cover people's body. He goes beyond design.
He brought invention, creativity, new resources and technology for the Brazilian fashion. There is always  a very well studied concept behind each of his collections and he never was a slave of Brazil and its tropical stereotypes. 
I like his ability to envision upcoming trends and his ability to translate his vision into clothes. 

More to come...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Alexander McQueen - interrupted talent

Last Thursday the fashion world was caught by assault with the sudden death of Alexander McQueen...My level of perplexity was such high that I couldn't even process the news.  The designer killed himself by hanging. His mother died on last February and its possible that he lost himself when he lost his mother. It's deeply sad to realize that such talented person will no longer provide beauty to our eyes and to our senses.  I wasn't a big follower of his carrer but I had such admiration for his ability to transcend design concepts and bring surrealism to the fashion world.

The latest issue of Womens Wear Daily brings the designer on its cover and an pays homage to
his work with a 8 pages tribute. I am sure all the most important magazines will release a special issue on upcoming weeks.

I selected few moments of his extraordinary craftmanship and mindblowing design approach.

                                             Shipwreck - Spring 2003.

                                             "the girl who lived in the tree "- Fall 2008.

                                    A fashion illustration by R. Toledo for Nordstrom -  2003 

My fellow designer Margot Potter wrote a beautiful post on her blog in homage to McQueen, check it out.