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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My latest addiction: Czech peacock glass beads

 I am lately working  a lot with peacock glass beads made in Czech Republic. ..when I spotted them for the first time I was beginning to create designs for my upcoming book titled: "Modern Expressions - creating fabulous and fashionable jewelry with easy-to-find elements"by North Light Books , and coincidentally I was searching for different components..not necessarily new but different...those beads were different and fresh so the distributor in Canada kindly supplied me with a nice variety and I created a design for my book. Sad thing is that I did not explore the whole potential of those beads because now I have been creating designs for the same distributor and lots of exciting pieces have born from my studio table.  After I got my samples new shapes, colors and effect was released and by the time my book is out I am sure they will be all over the place. 
The best quality comes with the ones made in Czech Republic and they are top notch. It's all about shyness, interesting prints and cool shapes - many of the prints resemble vintage/geometric old school design staples and that what makes them hot.
 I can't resist and hold it back anymore so I am showing you a pair of earrings that I made for John Bead Corporation using one of the latest shape called "dagger"'s fantabulous, it's inspirational and open  many possibilities of happines designing.

Check for  yourself the picture belo...and least but not last a nice addition to this design was the connectors used by me by Tierra Cast - first time everrrrrrr using findings from them (althoug we ve been dating for a  and my goal was to give a  new interpretation for I used it to add contour and air to the whole sexy look of the dangling me is ultimately DALICIUUS !

earrings made with peacock red Labrador glass dagger drops,
ornated components used as connectors by Tierra Cast and padparadscha SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
xilion beads- article 5328. German-style wire and silk thread by Beadalon.

Photo and design by Fernando Dasilva © 2010 for John Bead Corporation Ltd- Canada.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer clearance and shopping cart

My website now - now with a real-virtual shopping cart!
I finally have a shopping cart on my website. Thank to a very good friend, I am able to offer customers a nice shopping experience and better than that, a huge  summer clearance is on until Fall. You can find a nice variety of jewelry made with semi-precious stones and a youth yet chic street-wear collection.
A touch of metallic glass beads was added recently to the web because I couldn't resist the alluring colors and prints of some of these fabulous and eccentric peacock beads.
Below some of my favorite pieces of my website.
Please stop by and take advantage of the summer discount to give to yourself a daliciuus Fernando Dasilva's original...or surprise somebody you love with one of my pieces.

XoXo !!!

Multi-strand necklace with Swarovski Elements crystals, lime citrine briolettes and sea-blue chalcedony fancy cut drops. Sterling silver 5 rings bar clasp with adjustable chain - hand knotted.

Tropical wood, Czech peacock glass beads, aluminum chain and a touch of Swarovski Elements. 26 inches long.

Brushed vermeil tooth pendant, Kiwi jasper, Swarovski Elements and chrisophrase on gold plated chain.

All designs and images by Fernando Dasilva© 2010.
All copyrights reserved.  

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hoops for August

My first post of the month is dedicated to my mom...who loves earrings and cannot leave the house withou wearing a pair of them.
Like many women under Leo zodiac sign, her jewelry needs to stand out and catch many glances as possible like the rays of Sun. Although not a big fan of beads she has learned through my designs to appreciate here are some of my "hoops" made with her in mind.  

Gold filled hoops with gold plated charms and chain.

14 ky gold filled hoops with peridot and fresh water pearls.

14 ky gold filled, ruby and cherry chalcedony briolettes.

Gold plated flat circles wrapped with colored wire and Swarovski yarn,  lemon citrine and Swarovski crystals. Earrings featured on the book "Earrings, earrings, earrings" by DRG.

14k gold, tanzanite, aquamarine and blue lace agathe. 

Sterling silver and peridot  beads. Unfinished.

My friend and customer from Dallas wearing a one-of-a-kind chandelier earrings made with faceted carnelian coins, turquoise briolettes and vermeil components. One of my favorites creations ever. Love big and long earrings.