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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flashes from Tucson II

A few more pics taken during worktime because life is not only about celebrations...

Demo and workshop for CYS with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Show:

Well, let's say that this year lots of things were different during my regular events. I was supposed to be demoing the fabulous jewelry pieces in the above picture on Monday the Feb, 1st but for some reason I totally missed my date and I was at the CYS Show taking a class on riveting with Nick Regine, instead of been at the lobby doing my demo.
Luckily, I was able to finally do my demo on Wednesday, 2nd.
The earrings are totally cool and airy, and after learned with Wyatt White on making rings using Artistic Wire I was able to shape a single cosmic triangle stone onto a modern cocktail ring...very "Modern Expressions".

Setting up my station and posing for my fellow designer and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS ambassador Katie Hacker.

Bracelets created by me for my CYS  with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS workshop. Fun, trendy, unique and intricate but seems like it did not appeal to the attendees at all.

Above is the lady who lonely attended to my workshop. She loved it because all my time was dedicated to her. She was making the bracelet to give as a gift to her grand daughter but left the class wearing it.
As far as the workshop itself, I will offer it on my Summer workshops. I love the piece and believe on its potential, besides it's haute couture darling! 
Impossible to score all the time. It's real life!

Demos for John Bead at TBTB Show:

At the TBTB Show in the John Bead Corp booth. 

Showing to two ladies how versatile the Tierra Cast findings are and their multi use on different designs when combined with right components.

Showing to the lovely attendee how to form basic links and loops using German style wire.

On the picture above I was making a ring using similar center crystal bead used on a necklace set created for the demos.

"Drops of love" bracelet created for one of the demos.
Spotlighting John Bead , Swarovski Elements and Tierra Cast components. Piece tailored for Valentine's week. Interesting that the famous Brazilian high end jewelry brand HStern had released a similar "Love" pendant in 18k yellow gold. 
Keep on the budget and make it yourself using sterling silver. Available through John Bead website.
Sleek  and young! J'adore!

Above, a very sexy necklace paired with coordinated earrings spotlighting Indian red and crystal red magma special effect by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. It's all about the fire of love and a touch of   women's mystique. 

Trends on this piece: mixed  metals, chain reaction, black diamond and hematite hints of colors.
Last two pieces designed by me for John Bead.

Photos at CYS Show taken by Katie Hacker © 2011

Photography of cosmic triangle earrings and ring courtesy by Beadalon © 2011

Pictures at TBTB Show in the John Bead booth taken by Erwin Vivanco © 2011

"Drops of love" and "Be my Valentine" designs by Fernando Dasilva for John Bead Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS ©   2011.