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Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's going on in Brazil in the jewelry world

Summer in Brazil is just on the corner and an explosion of colors can be found everywhere.
Street wear jewelry in Brazil has been influenced by sewing, weaving and gluing of fabrics onto stones an dot metal components. Lots of hand crafted techniques have been used to create many styles of necklaces made with stripes of fabric. Also ribbons are playing major part on focal points since they've been used to create flowers that sets asymmetrically on the neckline.

Here are some pics I took of few pieces that caught my eyes.

Both pictures above were taken at a mall in Sao Paulo and this store has the coolest and trendiest items.

The last two pictures above are showing pieces I bought on the streets of Brasilia, that is my hometown. Simple but beautiful and inspiring pieces made by hands of talented people. What I like the most  is the solution they create to add style and make it work. It's casual, fun and vibrant.

See you next!

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