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Friday, May 4, 2012

My style on Bead Style

After taking a pause on submitting designs for arts and crafts magazines, I've decided to come back to the printed media to bring my work to the main stream. It was a wise decision because I was thrilled when I got informed that my necklace made the cover of Bead Style magazine.  The May issue has been out since beginning of April. I see that as an award to have my design selected based on a fresh approach on how to turn hidden components into the main element of a design. Thanks Bead Style and in special to Cathy Jakicic  who had selected some of my designs for upcoming issues, as well. 

My necklace designed last October exclusively for John Bead Corporation to be featured on JTV/Jewel School during a special sales event of amazing Czech glass kits of beads was brought back to the spotlight by Bead Style...another chance to highlight my design work and the beauty of Czech glass donut beads seen from a different angle.

My project was very well written and dissected by Naomi Fujimoto, editor and also jewelry designer - love the colors picked to be used next to the photos and text.

This picture shows the entire piece and all the elements working together - I worked on pretyy much 3 shades of, greens and silver - it's almost monocromatic but in different hues. Green gold faux pearls do the trick next to sterling silver toggle.


Call me crazy... but for some reason I think that my necklace on the previous picture reminded me of these  ancient ship...I don't know... the whole overall shape...the outerline is similar...Am I crazy!?!

On the last page, a couple of options for earrings and a second necklace with similar elements used on a different way - pearls, glass donuts and faux suede....circles of pearls rolling freely on somebody's neck. lol

Last but not least, another designs created exclusively for John Bead is featured on the galllery section...delicate, demure and subtle - usually places that my design work do not vist at all.
I painted filigree connectors with gilder's paste, added silk thread, crystals and used a similar style of toggle twice...up front and in the back. The other 2 designs on the page are equaly delicate and fresh...Spring is in the air. I loved the coral necklace on top right of the page.

Images of jewelry belong to Bead Style magazine - May issue 2012
All copyrights protected by law.

* image aquired online

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