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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Swimming on the wildside

It was about June of 2011 when Nature Beads brought a new exciting and exotic kind of product into the American market - fish leather. It took me certain time to experiment with it and I waited for the right time to spread my Midas touch to it's surface. 
I created a necklace for the 2012 Bead Trends panel hosted by Katie Hacker at CHA Winter Show, and right after I started working on some bracelets but I was waiting for the new applicator tool by Swarovski to use with it.

It's still not finished all the way I wanted because some products just need do require a more mechanical method to achieve its full potential. 
On these bracelets I applied the techniques I could to get the look I wanted. This leather is soft, comes in a wide range of colors and it can be used to cover metal blanks, acrylic beads and etc.

All bracelets bedazzled with Swarovski Elements hot fix flat backs and sew-on fancy stones.

Swarovski applicator tool for jeans buttons, snaps and more and more and more - the best tool available for such kind of application. Manual, very friendly usage, light weight  and well designed to serve its purposed.
You must have will open many design possibilities.

Photos and designs by Fernando Dasilva.
Copyright  © 2012.