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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Artistic Wire mesh designs review

I had the honor of launching for a large audience the Artistic Wire mesh by Beadalon last year, during a fashion show at the headquarters of Jewelry Television in Knoxville-TN.
Since, then I had created several designs to inspire the consumer on what to do with it.
I have posted several pictures on my Facebook page but I just realized that none of those designs were shared with you here my beloved followers.

Taking advantage of the launching of the new colored Artistic Wire mesh, I am sharing with you some of those designs created with the actual colors that Beadalon does carry in their catalog - just to clarify, the colored mesh was exclusive released onto kits for JTV. So, you can only get those colors if you buy through JTV website.

My first design created with silver mesh, large navette jet crystal pendants and light grey crystal pearls running inside the mesh.

Very non-sense - large gunmetal ball chain weaved with copper mesh - the stylist in Knoxville loved this one and I ended up giving it  to her...not my favorite but is still inspirational.

Color pop - dark brown mixed with platinum and copper crystal polyester chain to keep it lightweight. Textured copper bead caps by Tierra Cast through John Bead.

Sections of hematite mesh has been fluffed to create an off shape feeling on this necklace.
Rhodium-plated bead caps by Tierra Cast through John Bead add texture between the crystal beads.

On these bold earrings a black mesh was twisted and stretched to the side edges to create volume - and again, crystal navettes do the final talk. J'adore!

Large red magma crystal navette drops to bring a sensuous flamenco vibe on this lariat - I'm addicted to this style of necklace - great to accentuate any cleavage line - dark grey crystal pearls inside of the mesh finished with rhodium-plated hammered cone ends by Tierra Cast through John Bead add a touch of  artsy chic.

I think this is my favorite color among this selection of mesh - copper...crystal light bronze large hole beads strung on,  large crystal donuts stuffed onto the mesh and two tone of chain used towards to the back. Bohemian chic and expensive!

This necklace  was worn by Jewel School hostess ... black and hematite mesh accented with tons of crystal briolettes and crystal pearls  - duet rhodium plated claps and polyester chain to hold all together. 
Lush and decadent! 

All crystal components used on all the designs above are form the Swarovski Elements™ collection.

Artistic Wire mesh is a product under the Artistic Wire umbrella inside of the Beadalon brand.

Spacer beads, bead caps and cone ends used on some designs are from Tierra Cast® through John Bead® .

 ps...all crystal pearls strung into the mesh had their holes enlarged to accommodate the thickness of the mesh.

All jewelry pieces designed by
Fernando Dasilva © 2012

Photos by Fernando Dasilva