Thursday, April 26, 2012

The new colored Artistic Wire® mesh

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I was in Knoxville last weekend and then had to drive to New York City for a quick business gig two days I am back to Amish

Beadalon has brought new Artistic Wire® colored wire mesh exclusively for JTV-Jewel School™ this Spring/Summer season, and I was fortunate enough to be the guest designer at the Jewel School™ show to promote the new colors. Here are some of the designs I created to inspire their viewer and you.

Above a 'tropical snake' feeling expressed by gemstones colors...sapphire, emerald and peridot - simply braided and twisted together...extra pizazz added on a second picture further down.

A lariat style necklace spotlighting the duet light purple/silver mesh almost used as it comes...I mean. I only ruffled up the ends up front to create a whimsical feeling before ending with a luscious tassel made with white opaque bugle Czech glass beads from the John Bead collection and vintage pink wild crystal hear pendants by Swarovski Elements, or course! Detail: I used EZ™ lobster clasp by Beadalon to attach the tassel so you can interchange with a pair of earrings - so wear the tassels as necklace or earrings.

On this necklace a mixing od gemstones and metalized silver beads - turquoise mesh weaved in between the beads - I used Sbeady™ needle to run 19 Strands Beadalon silver color wire - asymmetrical look complemented by aquamarine silver lined bugle beads and fishing sleeves used as spacer from ™ fishing line. Open heart silver-plated charms by Beadalon were added off side to add draaaaaama and poise!

Bracelets galore to be worn as a stack...more colored mesh and heart charms on a preview for Mother's Day. Simple mesh and aluminum chain.

Overview of earrings and bracelet. Long earrings on the right can serve as the base for the tassels form previous lariat. Mesh was added to filigree hearts to add texture to cut out areas of component.

Bracelet on left was folded by hand in squares sections and ironed press to keep its modern and architectural - two blue tones combined together - lock heart charm with flat cabochons of grey crystal pearl glued on.  on the right: my bluesy earrings for a girlie look - Katiedids™ components to make it sleek and modern and a simple bow wrapped around the chain section - bottom ending with crysolite opal hearts form Swarovski Elements. More gift ideas to mom! Remember blue is always in and goes well with any style.

I think the folks from Beadalon loved this bracelet and I will be making another version with colors that are currently on their latest catalog. Again, simple form and section ironed press to keep its shape.
Swarovski crystal roundelles discreetly hidden to mirror the metallic look. Open heart charm used as toggle circle and puffed heart charm used as.... a

Bringing back the firs necklace with an ultra fantabulous and seductive extra large crystal silver shade polygon Swarovski Element pendant. Use a easy to attach and detach clasp so you can wear with our without. A long stone encrusted pendant would work as well. As long it adds draaaaaaaaaama, you will be in business darling!

Get inspired and create more beauty on your own to share.

Artistic Wire colored mesh sold in kits exclusively from JTV - Jewel School™, by Beadalon.

All crystals used on all the designs above are from the collection of Swarovski Elements.

All Czech glass and metalized beads used on the designs above are from the John Bead collection.

All designs and photos on this post are copyrighted by
Fernando Dasilva © 2012.