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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter elegance

Happy Easter my friends!

I woke up around 5:30 this morning and had to step out of my door and photograph  a beautiful moonlight, and then when I look to the horizon behind me the sunrise was magnificent and I snap another shot.
Still over the moonlight effect I went to my work area and put together some colors and design the necklaces featured on this post. I have watched Barbara Walters showing off beautiful and very high end necklaces lately on her TV appearances and I love all of them....and trust me they all work for young and cool chicks as well. It's juts a matter of styling with the right outfit. 

Happy Easter Sunday to all of you!

Full moon today at 5:30am and it's moonlight alluring myself to step out the door and be enchanted by.  

On the opposite side, this gorgeous sunrise telling me that a new day was born.

My design of the day - huge silver-plated textured beads, crystal rings, white coral, pink Peruvian opal faceted nuggets and faceted amethyst for a happy and very "brunch at  the Hamptons" mood.   White outfits will be fabulous against this necklace.

Several components form different sources were used on this design. Rectangle rhodium plated links, sterling silver filigree cone ends, Tierra Cast antique silver bead caps p and purple rattail cord (can you see the hint of purple going through the Swarovski rondelles?! ) by John Bead® Corp. 
Crimp covers , copper crimp tubes and 7 Strands Beadalon Silverose .024' stringing wire used on gemstones strands by Beadalon™ - actually the Silverose stringing wire works perfect with one of the latest colors by Swarovski Elements™ - light vintage rose. 
Gun metal lobster clasp and extension chain by Garlan® Chain

3 to 1 gunmetal and all gemstones by designer's personal sources.

Design by Fernando Dasilva 
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