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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CHA Winter 2012

Here I am bringing a little of the past and lots of the present so we can have a wider profile of what I have done lately - and that means lots of gigs in 2011 and trips and fabulous meals mixed with what's happening now on my professional and personal life (not too personal).

The Craft and Hobby Association Show (CHA) Winter is the kick off of the jewelry making , scrap booking and craft industry show season. 
This year I was committed  to work with John Bead Corp during the entire show, and it was fabulous in many ways. I have worked at some trade shows with them in the past but this time I did not feel intimidated buy meaningless circumstances (yes, sometimes things that do not matter get on your way and you can't perform to the fullest of your ability), and I was able to work the way I like it and feeling like I was part of the company.
I am one of those people who needs to have an extra reason to work with a customer besides the money itself...being hired, commissioned and paid have nothing to do with been happy and feel important on what you are doing for your customer.
When there is no connection beyond the money that work will not last and will not bring anything different to the table so your work does not stand apart from your competitors. Yes, we have tons of competition just like in any other field, and life as a designer has nothing to do with only glamorous moments of glory and fame.

The picture above is an overview of some of the finished jewelry and focal elements I was able to create during the CHA Show at the John Bead booth.
We were focused on their Metal Complex line so metal work, 2 part epoxy application and Kumihimo line by Dazzle It were on the table constantly.

Above a close up on the necklace featuring agate slabs topped with hammered and textured copper blanks. The ginkgo charms were provided by Tierra Cast, an American brand that manufactures some of the top casting components for the jewelry making industry.

This sexy, funky and edgy necklace above is my favorite piece made during that time - created to highlight John Bead's new crimp ends I've found a new meaning to the word "crimp". There are  several styles (flower, leaf and heart) to provide a nice finishing to the end of a necklace, or to the ends of a bracelet but here were used as enhancers for dangles created simply adding beads (crystal pearl by Swarovski Elements) or metal charms to its loop. If you haven't seen those you should place an order right now because those components definitely are an upgrade to any design, and an extra glam fact.

Until my next and most!