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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sweet September

Hello my friends!

A month has passed since my last post and I know this is not cool but what can I do?
August was a terribly and wonderful busy month...lots of goals were achieved, lots of take offs, lots of  landings, lots of smiles, lots of smells, lots of flavors, lots of feelings, lots of files, lots of sparkles, lots of 
laughs, a few bumps, a few tears, exactly like life is supposed to be. 

Not many designs to show now but lots of new designs to show soon.
September is my favorite time of the year - it's the time I personally celebrate so many good things...things that I have been celebrating for many years but also things that I feel honored to celebrate for not so many years but still belonging to this magical time of the year.
Down in Brazil is the beginning of Spring, it's St. Cosmos and St. Damian's month - time to give way candies, cake and refreshments to kids all over.  It's Brazilian Independence Day. 

To make it more special  I had in the middle of today's morning a delicious coffee with chocolate trufles given to me by our friend Katie Hacker... I am telling you, I love Septembers.

I hope you, my fellow reader, have not given up on me yet because this September lots of new things will come to life.

My signature line of jewelry making components manufactured in partnership with John Bead Corp and Daniel John will be launched on September 20th at the headquarters of Jewelry Television during the Jewel School Customer Appreciation Workshops.

We can't wait to release to the public the result of a groundbreaking design project in my career.

Have a great weekend!

With lots of love,


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