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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Exciting media news and underrated life

Looking back I have noticed that I did not post much on July but I just want all of you know that I have been very active in the DIY market. July was very busy.

Since July 1st, I have been working closer with my Canadian customer, John Bead Corporation and I am their Product Development and Creative Manager...lots to learn and lots to deliver. 
No, I am not moving to Canada but I will be traveling to Toronto more often form now on and my function will require lots of my time as a designer and a man of vision. 
I am still filling up my functions as a Create Your Style Ambassador and also I am still a member of the Beadalon designer team.

The September issue of Bead Style magazine is already available and I am featured twice in it.
First: It brings a project designed by me of a pair of earrings...(picture of the page below) showcasing  beautiful Czech glass donut beads (roundels) with metallic inside coat and again I placed the bead cap on top of it and wrapped the head in a different way so people can see both...the metallic coat and the details of the bead cap itself. There is a variation that's equally cute...for those of you who knows me, those earrings are wild for me...delicate, demure and subtle...places that I don't visited that often.

It's worthy to check that out...easy, breezy and fun to make it. 

 Little more of media news: 

The second cool thing is that one of the new ad campaign of Beadalon showcases a set I designed for Artistic Wire using  black wire mesh...I actually designed this necklace at the Beadalon's headquarters here in Pennsylvania and we did at same time a video of me doing it..for the first time ever. of course, I had spent some time the day before working on the concept of was cool.

I love the sleek , black and grape mood of the advertise...very modern although the concept itself of using a fashion sketch or outer lines have been used by the high end jewelry industry for many's fresh for Beadalon and it brings the designs to a very urban and contemporary vibe. I like it!

Image above from Beadalon/Artistic Wire advertise
Copyright 2012 - Wire and Cable Specialties

Two first images on this post are excerpts from September 2012 issue of Bead Style magazine.
Copyright 2012 - Kalmbach Publishing Company

And remember:

It doesn't matter how much underrated some of your favorite beads are

YOU CAN always



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Gimana said...

Hola, my name is Gina.

U r so awesome!*!

I bot beadstyle for ur designs. I see u on TV on JTV and beads, baubles and jewels.

Finally made it to ur page :-)