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Monday, September 3, 2012

My work reviewed at

Never is too late to find out that our work has delivered what has promised.
More than a year later after hitting the shelves of all major book sellers around this country, my book "Modern Expressions" was reviewed by Tammy Powley. We found out that she simply never got a copy that was supposed to be sent to her by my publisher but luckily I was able to correct that. is exclusively dedicated to all things when it comes to jewelry Tammy Powley is one of the most important authorities in the DIYsegment.
Below is a picture of project from the book that was highlighted by Tammy.

Photo by Christine Polomsky for 'Modern Expressions' by North Light Books - FW Media
All rights reserved ©  2010

Illustration by Vlad Alvarez.
Copyright© 2010

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