Sunday, October 23, 2011

New findings from Beadalon®

Have you seen the new findings by Beadalon® called "wrappers ™"? If you have not, check these two designs I made featuring them.
They basically are frames with notches around its edges, and you can tuse  that to secure beads, stones or other findings within. Anything you make it will  become 3#D and adds lots of texture to it.

Above a simple charm bracelet using flat oval tiger-eye and howlite briolettes (dyed turquoise color).
I used hematite 22 gauge Artistic Wire ® to wrap the stones within those marquee shape wrappers. It's my lucky charm bracelet. Watch those eyes!

Above, a away more complex piece made with several wrappers filled with DeCoRe clay within - I mixed small portions of the clay and kept in place holding between my fingers and pressing one side  down onto the back of a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal mesh.
On the opposite side I set small pointed Swarovski® stones.
The "ghost" touch was done gluing a piece of black Artistic Wire mesh on top of  DeCoRe® clay as well.
Gunmetal chains work as the foundation of the piece, and then circles of black Beadalon 49 strands beading wire were added to it.
Last but not least, I brought those peacock Labrador Czech glass beads to the spotlight because I feel like they would add that fabulous metallic print look. Those beads can be found throuhg John ead Corporation.

All designs posted on this blog are inspirational. I am fine with providing inspiration to the world, however I am not okay if you mimic my jewelry application method, have it published on any kind of media and do not credit me as your source of inspiration.
I suggest you to add your own interpretation to your design endeavours and you will conquer a more legitimate space on the diy market.