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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Experimenting with clay

Hello everyone...I am back! Thinsg have been crazy at Nando's Studio, so please accept my apologies for not posting anything in ages.

Here are some of my designs made with different brands of clay.
I am using on the same way many fellow designers have been using but I want to explore different surfaces and create something more dimensional. 
I have tried five different brands and I have my favorite and I will disclosure that when I feel like. Usually I do more than one project at once and I do want a product that gives me more tome before it starts hardening.

Here are some designs under my modern and expressive eyes.

Necklace - matte gold bamboo chain and wood pendant...crystal stones set on clay around the edge of the leaf...second piece made to test how wood would react in contact with clay. Brand used: Apoxie™
From Fernando Dasilva Studio.

On the right: small chandelier earrings designed by Wyatt White for Fernando Dasilva amethyst, gold filled and peridot Italian wire mesh.
Copyright ©  2011

Above and below similar pieces : Assortment of SWAROVSKI ELEMENT crystal stones and Tierra Cast® findings set on brown clay. Necklace on Greek leather cord ornate with gold-plated Tierra Cast bead caps. Antique copper lipped bezel by Metal Complex™. All components can be found at John Bead Corporation.    
Design by Fernando Dasilva for John Bead Corporation
Copyright ©  2011

Similar components applied to the design above - copper color is the main shade although a mix of purple velvet, cyclamen opal, silk, crystal silver night, indicolite and black diamond  from the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS color chart brings an almost "Carnival" vibe to the pendant. Copper  Tierra Cast® spacer beads in contrast with brown leather cord.  Crystal beads attached to Tierra Cast connectors. 
Clay brand used on last two pieces: Apoxie™
Design by Fernando Dasilva for John Bead Corporation
Copyright ©  2011

Above a pendant featuring a more structured line decorated with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal stones and chains. Three different styles of chains,  a substantial lobster clasp and tassel  in rose gold plated by Garlan Chain Company® .  Gold plated clover link by Tierra Cast® brings opulence to the warm metal color.
Copper bezel by Metal Complex™.
Clay brand used: Crystal Clay™
Design by Fernando Dasilva for Garlan Chain®. 
Copyright ©  2011

The pendant above features opalescent shades of fancy stones by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS  set on  light mint clay (I mixed two colors to get to this one). Grey curb chain.
Ring designed by Wyatt White using hematite 18 gauge Artistic Wire to spotlight fabulous and outrageous  white opal "Sphinx" stone by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS (or course!!!).
On the background another very strong trend: a white ceramic watch by Stuller® Inc.
Pendant created by Fernando Dasilva for Fernando Dasilva Studio.
Copyright ©  2011

Above one of my favorite experiments using clay - my "Stardust" necklace. Gorgeous flat oval blue stone beads linked to hold a daliciuus agate slice pendant framed by black diamond cut chain and crystal stones. Roundels made of amethyst, amazonite, sodalite and carnelian. 
Cobalt blue clay was used to frame and hold all components of the pendant together.  This pendant born out of my curiosity on seen how a surface of a gemstone would react once combined with clay. 
Clay used on this pendant: Apoxie™ 
All components can be purchased through John Bead Corporation.  
Design by Fernando Dasilva for John Bead Corporation
Copyright ©  2011

Above a cuff bracelet. A mosaic of fancy stones by  SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that was set on 
 tanzanite clay. Silver-plated cuff bezel by Amate®. 
Originally created to match a fabulous outfit, it's the start point of my upcoming Winter collection to be displayed on my website. 
Clay brand used on this cuff: DeCoRe®
Created by Fernando Dasilva for Fernando Dasilva Studio.
Copyright ©  2011

Note from the author:

All designs posted on this blog are inspirational. I am fine with providing inspiration to the world, however I am not okay if you mimic my jewelry application method, have it published on any kind of media and do not credit me as your source of inspiration.
I suggest you to add your own interpretation to your design endeavours and you will conquer a more legitimate space on the diy market.