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Friday, September 23, 2011


Hello readers!
I am back posting free projects on Fridays to kick off your weekend with a great diy project in mind. 
This project if from my book "Modern Expressions: making fabulous and fashionable jewelry..." by North Light Books.
Feel free to make changes to create your own version. The chains I used on this design can be replaced by any of the newest chains available in the market right now. A copper version for Fall is a goodidea, think about a combo of copper, vintage pink and rusty burgundy.

Have fun!

Title: Velvet underground necklace
Project: Modern Expressions for North Light Books
Chapter: Chain of Command
Design by Fernando Dasilva
Photo by Chrsitine Polomsky for FWMedia Copyright © 2009



Article 5181
8 17 x 9mm jet Keystone Beads (two holes)

Article 5328
18 8mm tanzanite Xilion Beads

Article 5020
18 10mm purple velvet Helix Beads

General materials:
3 14mm black brass brushed round beads
19  12mm black brass jump rings
36  2” gun metal ball head pins
½ ft gun metal medium square cable chain
2 ½ ft gun metal textured etched large circle chain

flush cutter
chain nose pliers
round nose pliers
flat chain nose pliers


1. Cut square cable chain into a 27 links piece and set aside.

2. Make keystone links: feed ball head pin onto one of the holes of keystone bead, add one bead bumper, one purple crystal and another bead bumper, then make simple large loop (big enough to attach to large chain circles) on top of bead and trim excess wire.  Using another ball head pin insert a bead bumper then into the other hole of the keystone bead in the opposite direction of the first head pin, add a purple velvet bead, another bead bumper then make a matching ring and cut excess. Make 6 more of the same and set aside.

3.  Feed one tanzanite bead onto a ball head pin and make wrapped loop. Make 17 more of these and set aside.

4.  Feed one brushed black metal bead onto ball head pin, add 6 tanzanite crystal components and one purple crystal. Make simple loop on top of bead and set aside. Make three of these.

5.  Cut a piece of the circle chain to 13 circles in length with the oval links attached at the ends.  Find the center link.  Connect the end of the chain cut in step 1 to the first circle to the right of the center link, then connect the 7’th link to the circle to the left of the center circle.  Connect the 17’th link to the circle 2’nd away from center on the right, then connect the end of the chain to the 2’nd circle away from the center on the left.  This zig-zag chain pattern will hold the center of the necklace together so it will sit correctly on the neck.

6.   Begin attaching the keystone links (made in step 2) onto the 7 center circles of the necklace, carefully open the circle and slide on one of the loops of the keystone link then the other, Making sure that the keystone links do not interfere with the links on the circle chain  so that the necklace lays properly.  Repeat this until all 7 of the keystone links are placed inside the rings, close the rings so that the keystone links will not come off.

7. Cut a piece of the circle chain containing 9 circles, without the oval links attached at the ends.  Find the center of the chain and attach one of the cluster components made in step 4, then add one to each of the rings on either side of the center. 

8.  Create a final drop with one keystone bead by sliding a ball head pin through the narrow side of the bead then add a purple bead, form a loop with the round nose pliers and wrap the end around two times.  Connect a single large jump ring to this component, then continue to make a chain using two jump rings until you have a double chain formed containing 8 jump rings long.  Connect the end of this to the right side of the necklace going through the two oval links on the ends. 

8.   Use two jump rings to connect the other side of the ring chain then connect to the gun metal badge clip and voila !!!

Have a great weekend!

Fernando Dasilva.