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Friday, September 16, 2011

Montreal, mon amour cherri!

I went to Montreal last weekend with Wyatt. 
He has to teach 2 workshops at one Frabels Inc., one of the Beadalon's distributors in Canada, and of course, he invited me to assist him wiht the classes. 
Classes sold out immediately and we had a great time with some lovely ladies. We also had on both classes some ladies who were in the SWAROVKSI ELEMENTS Anchor's Away Creative Cruise and was very nice to get together with them so soon.

Here are some pics taken by me during the class.

Wyatt had a point presentation pepared and the ring soptlighted on the screen was the project. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS gently donated the crystals for Wyatt's classes.

The satff with Frabels decorated all the walls of the entire room with huge posters of Swarovski Elements.

I promoted my book and the SWAROVKI ELEMENTS website, as well.

Wyatt gave to  the ladies all of his attention.

 The projects done.