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Friday, September 2, 2011

My favorite month of the year

Hello, my followers and readers! September is here...and this month I will celebrate one more Spring, the  birthday of some very special Brazilian friends, St Cosmos and St Damian 's day, Gal Costa ( my Brazilian diva's birthday), the anniversary of my partnership in life, OMG so many to celebrate that I could easily be already handling a flute of champagne...ths early morning. lol

It has been awhile but life is unpredictable and lots of activities took me a little be away from here. Most of them all good!
No promises but let's how how often I will be posting this month.
I have a trip scheduled to Montreal next week, where I will be assisting Wyatt White during a workshop of jewelry making. I will give you more details down the road. 
I am excited about meeting new jewelry making lovers  and visiting Montreal for the first time everrrrr. 
Juts the idea of hearing some French language all the time makes it a definite place to be...I have already practicing on some street sounds so Jeanne Moreau.....ahahahhaha

And here is the jewelry subject of the day:

I created this set for Beadalon to be posted on the A/C.Moore website...structural jewelry components by Beadalon and  beads, metal filigree parts form A.C.Moore.  The inspiration was the Italian (no, really?!? lol) Riviera de La Palm coast, by the Adriatic sea. Now that we are approaching the end of Summer, I think that's a good way of setting our mind on that elegant but laid back attitude that it's typical of the hot and steamy Summer nights...summer skies...summer parties.

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