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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back to business

I am shocked that I have been away from my blog for so many days, months, suns and moons.
It does not mean that I don't love to blog means that I had had lots on my plate and lots going on during these days of absence.
There was a bit of reluctance about blogging and I did not want to do something because  I had to because this is not what blogging is about.
However I am sure some of you had followed my design endeavors through my Facebook page.

I am back and will do my best to make this more regular so you don't forget about me blogging.
I will have to do past and present more than once on the upcoming will feel like you are on a Woody Allen flick... thank you for stick around!

Truly yours,


Fashionably Beading in Manhattan

The picture above is of my station set up for a meet and greet the designers event at Elvee and Rosenberg show-room in Manhattan, New York, last Thursday. I was there to prote my book "Modern Expressions" and to inspire their clientele through several designs made with some of their fabulous collection of acrylic and vintage Swarovski Elements. 
Of course, products form Beadalon® and Metal Complex™ were also used to add a professional finishing to all designs. I personally liked all the pieces made with acrylic focal components and hand painted with Gilder's paste a product that I have became familiar through the Metal Complex™ brand. I love the fact that it can be used with wood and metal components as well.

The owner of Elvee & Rosenberg prepared  a fabulous spread with fine cheeses and fresh fruits that were to die for...wines and refreshments were also served to the pleasure of all of us.

This blogger with fellow Create Your Style™ ambassador sandy Lupo and the owner of Elvee & Rosenberg, Debbie Cantor. 

I just realized that my outfit actually matches with the cover of my book...I am in such of light blues, turquoise and browns mood. That polo is a light aquamarine by CK®.