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Monday, March 21, 2011

Precious Metal Trend

Under the influence of the proximity of the moon  above my window, I took several shots last night  of my inspirational guide. The moonlight was amazing and made me think about how much I truly love shiny things. Here are some of  my latest picks that reflects lots of luminosity...just like the moonlight. 

The star itself under my click.

The  next best  Anchors Away neck piece that I co-designed with Wyatt White...the precious metal color palette is surprisingly amazing and it's surpassing my expectations. We both believe the audience will love it. I am loving it...Needless to say that SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS combined with Beadalon stringing wire equals precious metal.

An overview of "Majorca Collection" by my beloved friend, multi talented and super star Mexican jewelry designer Daniel Espinosa. Delicate, trendy, chic and fashion forward. Love it!

A fantabulous 3 tone cuff bracelet designed by Canadian designer Denny Diamond...a must have piece for the Fall/Winter 2011.

Sterling silver charm and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS bracelet and  Sterling silver "Love" tag designed by this blogger for John Bead Corporation.  Mother's Day makes this bracelet a adorable gift to any mother. J'adore!

Hummmmm,  very DALICIUUS, sexy, sophisticated - a Marlene Dietrich-"Gilda" inspired long necklace designed by this blogger for Beadalon.

A new version of a bracelet I created for the book "Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed..." co- authored with Katie Hacker and Margot Potter...timeless elegance.

My ultimate star protector framed by blue lights...unmistakably "Lua, Lua, Lua, Lua..."

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