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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Bead Extravaganza" weekend @ John Bead Corporation

For the second time,  I was in Toronto for a weekend of  "Bead Extravaganza"  hosted by John Bead Corporation. Their showroom has been improved since the last time I was there. I liked the new set up and it looks extremely inviting to any hobbyist or jewelry designer who wants to spend hours going through aisles and aisles of an incredible do-it- yourself arsenal.
The event itself was very well attended and the attendees were interested in learning all about the newest products. It's uplifting to witness  the growth of this type of event.

Beadalon sent Wyatt White and this blogger to handle non-stop demonstrations highlighting some of their newest products. Swarovski North America was represented by Vince Scalera and Nick Regine. Vince introduced the new Innovations Spring/Summer 2012 to their customers and Nick Regine handled demos using crystal chattons and clay, plus a nice glance on how to apply crystal fabric onto design endeavors.
Pam Arion with Tierra Cast introduced the new line "Metamorphosis" and hosted make and takes all day long. On top of that, John Bead had Stephanie Dixon, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Ambassador  and fellow designer creating fabulous neckpices featuring their new line of feathers combined with crystals. A very "couture" Dixon's chick design moment.  

The whole staff at John Bead worked hard to make those days as plesant as possible for their customers and vendors.

Following are some hot flashes of the "Extravagannnnza". Get ready because it was two days of  DIY insanity in Toronto. lol

Wyatt White, Beadalon's product manager and director of education enchanting customers with his techniques and " in-house " creations.

Tierra Cast  dared to compete with Beadalon to see who would gather more people...well, I think she might had the advantage of "make and take"... because we all know how much we all love treats...I am watching you, Pam , the newest Miss  Con ge ni    aaaaaa li ty on earrrrrrth! 

Canadian designer...yes (huahuahu....just kiddinng) - fellow designer and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Ambassador Stephanie Dixon making her magic inside of the SE lounge. She always puts a warm smile on to welcome you to the world of crystallizing with SE. 

Nick Regine and some of his "groupies" loading him with sparkling to him you can see the cover of "Crystal Chic" by Debbi Simon, anoooooother designer and fellow SE ambassador- her book is fabulous and show you how to add pizzazz to everything you can imagine using SE components, of course!

OMG, if wasn't enouuugh already, anotherrrrr Canadian designer on the run to stardom, and honey let me tell you,  crystal addicted Miss Denny Diamond was literally on a mission...this woman was inside of the SE lounge for more than 2 hours...she shopped until
Thank God, she had a short time to pose for this blogger. 

"Lush couture" by Stephanie you can see, she had Swarovski crystals all overrrrrrr...because you know, we don't do less...we were born for the "more is more".

On this picture an overview of the fabulous SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS lounge inside of John Bead show roon in Toronto. What I like the most (besides the crystals) was all the "Trend's flags"exposed  up on the wall framing the entire crystal square. Great way to share with their customers how the collections are presented to the distributors and potential buyers. Maybe 2 or 3 manequins with runway pieces would add an extra drama. J'adore!

Next to the entrance of the SE longe...crystal square.

I haaaaate those side pictures taken of me..not a good angle at all, but people aree insisting on taking it. I wish I had a publicist to control all that..and a good layear just in case somebody misbe have. I this meantime I have to let it go but I do believe that bad angles should be seen only at home. Anyway, I had to show you that my station also was rocking the house. lol

Canadian and international jewelry designer and "Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS" partner Katherine Song waiving 4 my lenses...she was playing "shop till you drop"

"... I know that you've been waiting for it...touch my body..."

A non oficial book signing of "Modern Expressions" for the JB customers.
I have to say that was really nice to spread the freshness of my new book to the Canadians who were all over it. A few copies of the book were sold and signed. 

Somebody is having lots of fun.

All of the vendors had signs like the one seen above made by JB staff on their stations. Me liked it!

Rings extravaganza made by Wyatt White featuring Artistic Wire and JB assortment of beads. The one on the corner right is totally cool - unique and fashion forward. Wyatt's wire wrapping skills are incomparable! I don't know how he come up with all those designs. 

On the left, 3 bracelets made by the newest designer in town, ( yep...anooother one - you know these days everybody wants to be a designer!!! It's amaaaazing. How many designers the market can handle? tell me?!? and this one already started with a very, very strong logo...imagine that?! a double "W"...isn't that too much!?! 
Getting back to the caption, on the right, one of my humble creations featuring Tierra Cast charms and Katie did's.

Now it's all about me: above, me in sepia effect - to make it more timeless.

On the picture above 3 of the hottest elements at John Bead's show room. On the left edge you cannot see but there is a fantabulous coffe machine and I had the most delicious coffees in town,everrr. I had  like 3 to 4 a day...the double expresso is fantastic! 

In the middle of the picture is a armoire-show case filled with jewelry pieces made by me exclusively for John Bead. Well, most of them are pretty cool and had something unique... no, not all of them because dahling, it's impossible to score 10 all the time...even Pavarotti went off tune, hello!!!
So, as I  was saying, I was mesmerized by the collection made by me and people were druling all over - seen it all together is very different than seen them one by one. It was great to see the versatility of  my work. 
I do believe that they should have one (small for all the other fellow designers wjo's been creating pieces for them over the years, as well.
On the right side of the picture, it's a wall dedicated to the newest products and I was smart enough to bring home some of the hottest products like huge jump rings, ubber cool chains, fabulous new Czech glass beads and feathers..did I say feathers? No, I did  not! I did skeep the wire...I don't need that! lol 

Another one of my humble demo pieces made for JB....a simple 'Y" necklace...another necklace??? why!?!

So, I hope you enjoyed it!
Don't miss the next post. It's gonna be about an interview given to a Brazilian online TV in New York City last Friday. It was filmed inside of the Swarovski Crystallized store in Soho - luxury and glamour at meets the diy designer. 


All pictures by Fernando Dasilva © 2011.

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