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Friday, December 17, 2010

"Modern Expressions" hitting the shelves soon

I am very anxious about seeing my books on the shelves of major bookstores soon. Some websites are promising to ship the book on December 20th and with that, lots of questions keeping pile up the back of my head. I want to know what would be my friends first impressions, magazine editors and of course the general public. Will friends be honest?
I have been relying on online reviews as a guide when I start thinking about buying a new electronic, booking a hotel, going to a new restaurant or bar. There is a lot of anxiety on my side on how my work will be seen by readers from all over. Am I ready for the downs, if they come?! 
I have been always very sensitive to negative comments about my jewelry line that at the end I take all personal, and it's very difficult not taking a negative comment about something made by you as personal, because there are lots of time and love involved on creating - even a commercial work.
Surely, there is no other way to learn all about those doubts if you don't put yourself out there and just let it happen when it is supposed to happen.

And talking about rejection, here are a few of the designs that were rejected or better saying, were not selected to be part of  the book, because they did not look like they were made by the same designer who made all the other designs chosen to be on Modern Express. A book needs to show coherence like all designs might to be linked to your book concept. 

Above, a necklace that combines dyed shell, yellow and red tiger-eye, turquoise, 3 different shapes of leaf charms, chain (of course) and very cool metal beads. It's simple and the inside asymmetrical strand reflects a trend that is very stron now; I have been doing asymmetrical designs since the begining...great 2 see all over the place. I have not done anything with this design and have not changed a thing about it. I like it and it'll probably be sold on of these days. I added a double strand of green faux-suede cord in the back.

Above, a bold triple layered design made of black brass links and lots of crystals by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. I mixed jet and crystal red magma large holes roundelles- Article 5040, sew-on leaf stones and polygon crystal silver shade beads. Black filigree metal beads and black acrylic rectangle links adds texture to it.
I like to work with interesting findings because to me that's what DIY should always be. Making yourself something fabulous, easy and fast. Two sections are detachable so it can be worn just as a "Y" shape necklace/lariat. Fun, edgy, trendy and still screaming my name. I have not done any change to this piece either.

Last one, is a casual-chic necklace that takes me to the girls from streets of Rio- it's a typical girl from Ipanema casual necklace. Leather combined with textile, natural seed  and stone (a bold single carnelian). It's architectural and basic. It's a great accessory to complement that jeans, t-shirt and hells combo.  Here is the thing: this is the only one that I will change a little. The knots made with sparkling thread should be bigger. I will re-do it using more of those with more volume. I personally did not like the result throughout the leather strand, but love the whole look and colors.

Yes, I do love my creations.

Did you know that the cover design of "Modern Expressions" was rejected twice buy two magazine editors? And then I did not change a thing about the design at all. Whatever is supposed to be it will be, regardless the odds.



All designs and images by Fernando Dasilva © 2010.