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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Magazines by Swarovski Components I

I have been collecting some magazines by Swarovski since 2001. Fashion and style magazines are an endless source of inspiration and education, high quality photos, fashions spreads, product reviews and sometimes interesting interviews altogether create an appealing universe of luxury, fantasy and glamour.
The approaching of end of the year made me clean up few shelves and I caught myself scanning those issues of Swarovski magazines.
I 've decided to scan their covers to share with you and here they are.

September 2001
No credits explicit on this magazine

Trends: Light, Matter, Energy and Tales.
Crystal Innovation - Colors of Seduction :  Lime and Indicolite
Crystal Spotlight - Opening of Swarovski Creative Center in Sao Paulo - Brazil
(Exhibition: " Chic Chica Boom Chic" - "an original exhibit of Carmen Miranda's clothes and acessories, in a cultural effort by Swarovski to salvage some of the pieces displayed at the Museum Carmen Miranda."

September 2002
Cover photography by Gerhard Merzeder
Styling by Peter Weiss

The cover of this issue spotlights a model wearing a crystallized chocker with accents of exposed stringing wire and crystal pearls and bicones held by crimp beads. A trend that will be explored deeply throughout the decade by many designers.

Highlights -
Trends: Vertigo, Industrial, Kaleidoscope and Legends
Crystal Innovations: New princess baguette - article 4547
Swarovski introduces new color- Padparadscha ( one of my favorite colors of all times)
New pendant: top drilled bicone . article 6301
New channel web - article 98002s29, 99002s29

Fall/Winter 2004/05
Cover Photography by Stefano Galuzzi
Styling by Tanya Jones

Launch of "XILION" chaton new cut, "XILION Rose
Long classical Oval shape - article 4161
New color: Khaki
Launch of very succesful Square Ring - article 4439
Brilliant Zipper - Double slider, open ended
Magnet fasteners
Exclusive Channels and Filigrees
New crystal pearl shape - article 5826

Autumn/Winter -  September 2005
Cover photo by Satoshi Saikusa
Stylist: Karl Plewka

This is one of my favorite covers. I just loved it!
On this issue the colors "Purple Velvet" and "Crystal Copper" were launched.
"Purple velvet" happens to be another one of my favorite colors ever released by Swarovski...I am sad that is no longer available.

Flower bead - article 5744
Flower Pendant - article 6744
Butterfly bead - article 5454
Helix bead - article 5020

To be continued...

All images © by Swarovski