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Monday, October 5, 2009

"Exposed" modern bracelet

The bracelet above was designed for "Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed" but unfortunately did not  make the book and since then has been used at one of the FW Media websites to promote the book.
I named this project after my hometown because the idea was to create a geometrical mood, something that would resemble the local architecture and it's straight lines. I made a second color variation using jonquil, blue and lime crystals. Another detail I like on this bracelet is the square stone used as a toggle clasp.
A silver color version with the same crystal colors would change the mood as well. This bracelet is a modern expression of my design approach.

Credits: "Brasilia "Bracelet designed by © 2008 Fernando Dasilva made with
CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements for North Light Books.