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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mexico City Glamour

On our last trip to Mexico City, we were invited to a series of events organized by our fellow jewelry designer and friend Daniel Espinosa. In the agenda: the opening of a new store and the launching of his new collection.
The only event we missed was a runway show but I captured many moments of style outside of the catwalk what is even better to take a look of  what people is actually wearing it. 

The ensemble this lady is wearing might be my one of my favorites of the night. The combo of braided gold silk cord, white pearls and gold metal accents is fun.  She looks incredible! It's great to see cocktail ring, bold earrings and luscious lariat all playing in the field together. No minimalism at all! it works and I love it!

On this photo, the beauty of the model disputes the spotlight with the beauty of the jewelry. Peach sahdes on rose gold over sterling silver. Astonishing set of jewels.

A queen moment..gorgeous model and necklace by DE. In the first plane on the right bottom corner, a cocktail ring in sterling silver and rose quartz stones. Uma coqueluche! 

The designer himself with a business partner and a model cutting the ribbon.

Mexican TV actress Ingrid Coronado is a huge Daniel Espinosa fan and couldn't miss the launching of the new collection at the Four Seasons for nothing - and she dragged a crowd of paparazzi with her. The dress is very DVF and the bracelet belong to Daniel Espinosa "Infinity" collection - whimsical and sparkly. 

Two DE franchisers and this blogger. The ladies are fun and fierce.

The lady in the last picture was bejeweled from head to toe and I loved it. Although she's wearing many items, each one belongs to the same style and color palette and she definitely plays "more is more". She is the dream of any jewelry designer.
Very ultra chic and poderooooooza!

All photos by Fernando Dasilva © 2010.

Jewellery featured on this post was designed by Daniel Espinosa - all rights reserved - © 2010