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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beyond inspiration

Inspiration can strike you in many different ways but many  times I don't rely on inspiration to create my jewelry designs simply because many times I am not inspired by anything at all, neither thinking about anything specifically. 
Most of the time I only have in my mind a color palette and everything else born from that deep desire of working and manipulating components on those colors that for some reason are talking to me.

The necklace below was created last year for the latest Beadalon catalog #30 and the initial idea was to showcase the white stringing wire - that actually is one of my favorites among many of the wide range colors available by its brand.

I've detected two fabulous print media that could have been used by me as the original inspirations for this necklace because both- a magazine cover and a product ad - are modern, sleek, vibrant and hip.  Check out the 3 following images:

On my design the color white is the main element. On the magazine cover black and white takes the main role. Then on the product ad yellow speaks loud and vibrantly sets the whole mood. All of the 3 images deliver the same color palette and obvious each color was explored with a different intention.

Necklace photographed by John Fritzinger for Beadalon © 2009.