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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Create Your Style with CRYSTALLIZED™ workshop

On last February 5th I guided a workshop for Crystallized™
It was my 3rd year teaching for CYS in Tucson and I my class was sold out.
It was really something because I did so little on marketing. 
The best of all was to meet so many nice ladies eager to learn from me.
The project was at first glance a piece of cake but once again 2 hours were not enough for so many loops and dangles. Thank God, CYS gave me more 30 minutes and most of them finished their piece in the class.

As usual I did have a not so lovely" lady" who did not like the quality of the findings used on my piece..actually not all findings but specifically the plated findings. The only thing I have to say to her ( and I am doing this here because she did not say a thing to me but to another student) is that it's sad that she couldn't see that a necklace like this one( picture below) if were made entirely with sterling silver findings would cost her at least 3 times the price that CYS charged her for the class. 

In the DIY market I do work only with brands that provides wonderful and high tech products to my designs at a low cost.
Nobody should have high expectations when it comes to street wear jewelry...many of these items are seasonal and disposable.

When it comes to my pieces I believe that when someone gets tired of it,  she can always go back and  re invent use the crystals because those are timeless.

I am happy with the results of my class and on y next workshops I will make clear prior to registration what kind of findings participants will be working with....just in case the registration fee it doesn't give a clue by itself about the general findings applied in it.

For now I only have to celebrate!
Thank you CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements!
Thank you Beadalon!
Thank you Star's Clasps!

My  Rendezvous necklace


Rendezvous Necklace

A moment of clarifying 

Me worrrking for the money, honey!