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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today I have a workshop for 80 ladies of the New Jersey Bead Society located in Matawan. I created a version of one project from "Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed" book co-authored with my fellow designers Katie Hacker and Margot Potter. This variation is in black tubing with CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements in red magma, black diamond and jet colors. It suits well this season and it will holds well during the winter.  Once again BEADALON® is pairing with CRYSTALLIZED™  to sponsor this gig.
I see a workshop as a great venue to promote your designs skills, business and the brands behind you but on the other hand, is a exhausting gig. On this case, I would never be able to do it if I did not have the logistics support that BEADALON® and its team provides me. A Beadmaster™ tool was created so people can follow the instructions on screen through this flashing technologie. I had to assemble 85 kits (one member of Beadalon® did it for me the findings portion of it) and I did the crystals. Thank, God! I had to print "how's to"- another member of Beadalon® did it for me. I had to create a poster using a CRYSTALLIZED™ template and JF at Beadalon® did it for me. I don't know about yours but my fabulous print at home never works when I need most. And all that is only possible after I have all findings and tools ready to be used, function that is  done by Yvette Rodriguez- the Beadalon® marketing and event coordinator. The meeting was coordinated by one of NJBS member who is  a fellow designers as well. Last night I had W, his mom and his sister on a manufacturing assembling line style helping to get all tools unpacked and ready to go.
Serious, I don't know how some of my fellow designers do it and some of them drive their majority income from it.
I love workshops but it requires tons of work.
I wish all of my workshops were like the  ones hosted and organized by Creat Your Style™ in Tucson.
I get there and everything is ready to go. I still have to get "how's to" and kits ready but my classes are small and I love it.
So, I hope the ladies love the necklace and buy the book.

Thanks BEADALON® and thanks CRYSTALLIZED™.  I couldn't do it without you two.
I hope one day I become really rich and have a full staff doing it for me and I just have to shine like a star. lol
For the time being I better keep working my _______.
Wait for pictures and photos  on my next post.

Is working a modern expression of life?!? lordje! lol