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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Modern past, modern future

Posts have been rares for reasons beyond my control but I am back and things will get better and better!
Lets' not talking about bad expereinces and let's celebrate design.
I've found 3 old pieces that I could see me making them  tomorrow. I love to work with "serious" stuff as much as I like to work with fun components.
The best thing is that both pieces have found their places ong time ago...bravo!

The necklace above was made for a fabulous woman who loves purple.
I myself consider purple a perfect color to make a fashion statement. A black strapless dress bejeweled by a set like the one above and a red burgundy pair of hills would set you apart on a special night.
I mixed 2 shades and 2 grades or amethyst and hndknotted using dark purple silk.

The earrings showing above was made 7 years ago when Peruvian opals hit the market and everybody went crazy.
 I used fancy cuts and 14 k yellow gold.

The necklace above is one of my all time favorites. I loved the flat hexago cuts and the high quality of those crystal quartz beads.
I used a sterling silver box clasp set with moonstone  cabochons. This look is one of the looks that I iwll work with for Modern the end all the pices above are very modern-expression.