Wednesday, August 14, 2013

John Bead Corp. takes Metal Complex™ and Dazzle-it™ to Hollywood

Good Morning, my glamourous people!
I am back with fantastic news!
 I know that some of you are aware that I've been more active on my Facebook page than here.
 I am sorry for the lack of posts here...everything has been hectic lately  and I don't multitask well all the time.
But today I am re-posting this fabulous post written by Carmi Cimicata for the John Bead's blog.
We are a family so I am sharing the fabulous highlights of our presence @ the Teen Choice Awards SWAG Lounge - our debut in Hollywood through the red carpet.

Check out the photos below: 

John Bead joined the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) and a select group of companies to sponsor the Gift Lounge at the Teen Choice Awards, which took place in Hollywood, California on Saturday August 10, 2013.
“The Teen Choice awards celebrate creativity, imagination and artistic talent.  These three qualities are in keeping with John Bead’s business philosophy and as such we are proud and energized to be a part of this event with our Dazzle-it and Metal Complex brands” said Daniel John, John Bead Vice President.
“It’s incredibly exciting to be going to Hollywood to be part of an event that directly connects our chic craft world with the fabulous show business industry. John Bead is an innovative company that helps creative individuals express themselves through our jewelry making components. I can’t wait to Dazzle the celebrities with our Instant Glam™ and fashion forward products” said Fernando DaSilva, Product Development and Creative Manager.  Fernando is posing with American Idol finalist Jackie Tohn.
Fernando and Stephen K Glickman
Brandon Tyler Russell with the Instant Glam Arrow statement necklace he made with Fernando.
Fernando showing Glee cast member Lauren Potter, better known as Becky Jackson, how to make an Instant Glam necklace.
Fernando also helped Ariana Sloan (singer, dancer, actress) and Brielle Barbusca (Modern Family, The Mindy Project, DeadTime Stories, Jimmy Kimmel) to make Instant Glam statement necklaces.
Adorable Isabella Cramp from tv series “The Neighbors.” I’ll tell you more about what she made with Fernando DaSilva next week!
And finally, this is R J Mitte from the huge hit TV show “Breaking Bad” with Fernando DaSilva in our booth yesterday! He loved the Instant Glam Arrow!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!!!

A very special THANK YOU to Canada!
I've never ever imagined that you would be such important part of my life.
I wish all of my Canadian friends and colleagues a fantabulous sunny and happy day!

XoXo to you all!
Beijos para todos voces. 
Toronto eh muito chique!

Necklace created with white lovely knots braided cords and red satin cord using Dazzle-it! Kumihimo round disk on triple spiral color technique.
Maple leak pendant created with Second Skin fish leather and Swarovski crystal hot fix flat backs. Accent charm made with crystal pearl by Swarovski Elements.

Designed by Fernando DaSilva
Copyright 2013.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Inspirations and color of the week

A chapter dedicated to a blue mood form the 'YSL book (cover below) - original Fiesta dessert plates, a wood and sterling silver fist carving from Brazil (luck sign).

Instant Glam™ by Fernando bezels created by Kellie Defries showcasing Swarovski Elements components. All shapes form the Tuscany collection exclusively designs for and manufactured by Metal Complex.

Cuff leather bracelets created by me using fish leather by Second Skin™ and Swarovski Elements.

A rejected projected for a workshop submitted to B&B Show/13 - designed by me using ultra suede strip, Instant Glam crystal rocks diamond and more Swarovski Elements stitched around the edges.

A metalllic and glass  beaded multi-strand necklace created by me for Dazzle-It™ - luscious, voluptuous and perfect to cover a accentuated cleavage line.

The objects featured previously.

Necklace created by me showcasing my component and Swarovski Elements set on Crystal Clay®.
Light Turquoise Xirius™ new stone cut by Swarovski Elements.  Over the top brilliance.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Images to get inspired

Hello , my glamorous people!

Yes, my life has been 'up in the air" a lot lately however I did not forget about this space.
Second day of Spring and we woke up surrounded by snow...terrible, long, endless winter season...I can't wait for that to be behind.
I was in Lafayette, Louisiana last weekend and was great to get that sunny warmth touching my  cinnamon skin again. Delicious and nutritious.

I am beginning a new project today and I spent 40 minutes scanning the pages of 3 books that I simply love. The goal is to get my eyes and mind excited and get inspired by and create beautiful things.
If you have wondered how do I get inspired, here are my sources of inspiration for the next week. I do not sketch , nor make notes of anything I particularly liked the most from those books. 

Baroa potato from Brazil

Ype-amarelo - Brasilia, Brazil

Yellow Gladiolas

Door in Paris - Saint Germain Du Pres neighborhood


Okra and smoked shrimp stew - Caruru

Banana-apple - Brazil

Palm oil and Acarajes - dried shrimp and black-eye beans croquettes

' Gold because it offers the purity and the flow of springwater, shaping the body until is nothing more than a line.'

Yves Saint Laurent

Have a good day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Very busy trade show season

Hello, my glamourous people!

So many many many starsssssss...

I know...I haven't been here in ages and we are already heading to the middle of February and no posts from me at all...2013 has been hectic, busy, crazy and dramatic...lots of good drama and not so good drama but I can tell you that I am fiercely moving forward. At this moment I am battling a bronquitis and has not been easy. 

This year I  have already traveled to California (Los Angeles and Anaheim), Canada, (Toronto--of courrrse peeee powww), Texas( Houston , where I lots my wallet with all docs plus some,  Arizona (Tucson) and Knoxville, TN for Jewel School for the launching of Instant Glam.

I am heading today to Birmingham, UK for the fabulous and fashion forward Craft Hobby & Stitch International Show and I am very excited about been in UK the culture love the people (both and love that aristocratic accent.

This year I will be working with John Bead to support our British distributor CJ Beader's. On top of all, I will be teaching 3 workshops of 45 minutes each for a maximum of 20 people on each session. Love the size of the class, the quick-express type. I will be promoting Instant Glam by Fernando....of course!!! And John Bead, too...not only through the workshop.

I have designed 6 full looks for the catwalk show, that this year promises to be very high tech and totally London-Milan- Paris- Sao Paulo circuit type.
I choose globalization as my theme and my pieces will showcase a large variety of items from the vast selection of product lines we at John Bead have to offer...for obvious reasons the focus will be the latest products lines: Instant Glam by Fernando (meeee), Second Skin fish leather (hot hot hot), Lovely Knots - our latest program tailored to the trendy bracelets fever using trail cords, plus blanks by Metal Complex, rattail by Dazzle-It and fantastic died howlite beads on f all colors in shapes of peace sign, Buddha heads and Asian symbols.

All accessories were sprinkled when not loaded with Swarovski Elements to add that must have touch of glamour and sophistication that only Swarovski Elements can add to any catwalk event...reads Victoria Secrets, Oscar, and the list go on and on and on...

One of my missions is crystallizing the world a day at a time thorough Swarovski Elements, however I am bringing to the stage the fire and sparkle of fantastic fire polished Czech glass beads from our fabulous line of Czech glass beads. 
I believe that all beads can occupy the same space in harmony...just like starts in a dark night.

Here is a sneak peek of John Bead's collaboration to the Craft Hobby Stitch International catwalk show:

Bracelets made with Instant Glam by Fernando using ultra suede, 2 part epoxy clay and Swarovski Elements chattons.

Memory wire by Beadalon; acrylic, Swarovski Elements Bicone  and died howlite beads. Tassels made with "Lovely Knots" cords yellow and strawberry pink.

Instant Glam Drop necklace....crystal rocks and bezels by Instant Glam by Fernando, silver and black rattail cords by Dazzle-It.

I will come back from UK with fresh news from the show floor... I promise...

well.... you better not to wait because you know that blogging is not my forrrrrte...I am too busy peeeeeee powwwwww!

Lov u!


Ps...OMG, and the Cranaval in Brazil was fantastic and I did not even see a hint of it...I am lossing my samba sad!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review

Hello my glamoUrous, people!

I wish to all of you a prosperous, healthy and brilliant new year filled with victory on all our endeavors.

2012 past by like a thunderbolt and I am grateful for many achievemnents and new chances to branch out my talent, brand and glamor.

Thank you to all of you for supporting my work and cheer every moment of glam throughout of the year.

Here the highlights of my life on the fantabulous lane - that is  non-stop chase for success and fame based on genuine talent and lots of work.

The launching on my component line manufactured by Metal Complex for the DIY market was the biggest achievement in 2012. Metal Complex and I still working on the lauching events that will be handled during some of the most important trade shows in the begining of 2013.

Instant Glam ™by Fernando is here to stay and blossom during 2013.

I was featured as a designers expert for the fabulous UK magazine Make Jewellery and was featured next to a ttally hot ginger British lad loaded with style. Love that some editors already see my name as a reference also on the men jewelry segment....fantabulous and ulta ubber metrossexual. Loved it!
Thanks Make Jewellery!

Garlan Chain Company an american manufacturer of high end chainfeatured my designs on a very nice advertise featured on some of the arts and craft magazines. Love the rose-gold chain done specially for me.

More to come.

Beijos and hugs to all of you!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Giveaway pack to Sherry

Sherry Zobel was the winner of my most recent giveaway.
I added few more items to her Instant Glam™ by Fernando package because its Xmas time

I hope all of you my glamorous friends keep checking what's ja happening o on this virtual space. I want to keep inspiring and hope one day I reach the place I want but for the moment I am very happy and grateful for what life had s given to me. And 2012 has been's almost time for a the best of the year. Despite, personal family issues work has given me enough to keep my mind occupied  and looking for better solutions and better days.

Thanks Sherry and all of you! 
This space will not exist without you on the other side of the screen.

Kisses, Beijos, Bacione, Bejos!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


And the winner of an Instant Glam™ set and a signed copy of my book "Modern Expressions " is :


According to Sherry the advertise created by Metal Complex for 
Instant Glam™ by Fernando
is :

Sexy, Sassy and Sophisticated.

Thank you Sherry for engaging on this 'conversation'.lol
Please send me your contact information to

Special thanks to all of the lovely ladies who entered this giveaway:

Teresea Paton, Kris1252, The Crafty Mama, Beetique,
Jamie North, Lulu Potter, Ms. Beth,
The Dixon Chick and Dee Donyes. 

Friday, December 14, 2012


A dearest friend and follower of this blog asked me to postponed the announcement of my Instant Glam™ giveaway due to the terrible events happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School today.

I will be picking the winner next Monday, December 17th.

Lack of faith and fear of the unknown is what makes people let dark shadows to take control of their minds and guide them into an abyss. 

It's important to believe!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Second Skin™ by Metal Complex®

Metal Complex® launched last month a new line called Second Skin™ - the name is sensual and makes you wonder what it is...let me tell you, honey...

Second Skin is a line of tilapia fish leather 100% eco-friendly, sustainable and a groundbreaking product straight from the fresh waters of my home land, Brazil. All the production that has been disposed had been recycled and transformed into this luscious leather that is luscious, chic, modern, versatile and soft like skin and it feel like a Second Skin™.

Metal Complex® color chart is strong and fashion forward. Below are some inspirational designs to blow your mind. 

Purple feathers, Dazzle-It rattail cords and extra large jump rings and purple suede Second Skin™ covering a wood ring.

Cuff bracelets using pistachio and denim blue Second Skin™ leather and tons of sparkle accents by Swarovski Elements.

An over the top ring filled with bright glossy red Second Skin™ and covered with clear resin by ETI - fantabulous #D make your girlfriends dye of envy!

Oh my!!!! Instant Glam™ crystal silver shade Crystal Rocks paired with Second Skin - totally decandent and perfectly tailored to Anna Wintour's
Second cuff made with grey suede Second Skin™ with czech crystal cup chain running on top of it to make your wrist more noticeale.

Second Skin™ is totally DaliciUus !

Second Skin is available through:

All pieces designed by Fernando Dasilva for Metal Complex. Copyright © 2012.

Make one for yourself, a second as a gift and on the third one please share the profit with
It's okay to repost the images above but please credit the source.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Metal Complex advertising Instant Glam™ by Fernando

Hello, my glamourous people!

Have you seen the new advertisement for Instant Glam™ by Fernando created  by Metal Complex?
It is on the back cover of the latest Bead Style jewelry making magazine and it's quiet beautiful.
THis full page ad will be featured in several magazines for a period of time, but I am thrilled that 
Bead Style is debuting it.

Answer the question below to win a signed copy of my book Modern Expressions and an Instant Glam™ by Fernando duet.

* What are the 3 words that come to your mind when you look at this advertisement?

This giveaway is valid for USA and Canada only and will run from December 3rd to 14th.

Good Luck!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Building an Over the Top Catalog with Instant Glam™ by Fernando

Fashion magazines are loaded with advertises featuring over the top jewelry...when I say over the top I mean: bold, extravagant, incredibly sparkling and beyond eye-catching...but also commercial.

If they can, why can't I?!

Above: Gunmetal and silver color Rectangle Bezels from the assortment of Tuscany collection for Instant Glam™ by Fernando...Swarovski Elements® applied onto 2 part epoxy clay - chains by Dazzle It™.

Above: Silver color Drop Bezel featuring matching jet Crystal Rocks - both products from the Tuscany assortment  collection for Instant Glam™ by Fernando. Jet fire polished Czech glass beaded chain by Dazzle It™. Details around bezel edge enhanced with black Gilder's paste.

Above: duet of drop Instant Glam™ by Fernando  pendants on Kumihimo braided cord - pendants embellished and filled with all Swarovski Elements crystals   for  Fernando Dasilva Studio.

Above: Ultra suede caff embellished with Instant Glam diamond crystal silver shade Crystal Rocks (ironed direct onto suede), brass garment brads, and strictly Denim Blue Swarovski Elements mini xilion pendants. Royal Blue silk thread and others by Dazzle It™. 

Above: Haute-Couture by DIY. Necklace featuring gunmetal drop and quatro bezels from the Tuscany assortment collection for Instant Glam™ by Fernando. All crystal pendants in Crystal Silver Night, jet and Denim Blue  by Swarovski Elements®. Double twisted curb chain by Garlan Chain®.

Above: Gunmetal Tres bezel and matching Crystal Bermuda Blue Crystal Rocks from the Tuscany collection for Instant Glam™ by Fernando. Pre-made tassels by Garlan Chain® embellished with Crystal Petro Blue Pearls.  Braided sating cords by Dazzle™ It and silver color stringing wire by Beadalon®. All crystal components including Denim Blue Wave Beads, petro pearls and Denim Blue silver foiled sew-on stone by Swarovski Elements®. 

Above: more aristocratic than this necklace just the Queen of England's jewelry box. 
Silver color Quatro Bezel and Crystal Silver Shade matching Crystal Rocks from the Tuscany assortment for Instant Glam® by Fernando.
Round Kumihimo braided cord with gold and silver satin cords and findings by Dazzle It™.
Astonishing modern cut on Art Deco-ish crystal pendants (Rhombus and Ellipse column) in Silver Shade and Golden Shadow crystal by Swarovski Elements®.

Instant Glam™ by Fernando is a trademark owned in partnership by designer and Metal Complex™.
All jewellery designed and assembled by Fernando Dasilva © 2012.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Instant Glam™by Fernando lands in Brasilia

Instant Glam™ by Fernando landed in the ultra modern capital of Brazil for a weekend of glamour and splash as you can see on the photo below.
On a slightly cloudy morning, the iconic towers of the Brazilian parliament was overshadowed by the astonishing effect of double pointed Swarovksi Elements crystal rocks.
The gunmetal arrowhead Instant Glam™ pendant worn by the designer himself caught so many eyes
on the streets of the Brazilian capital that was impossible to enjoy the scenery without a sudden interruption.

Let's get glam,  baby!

Magic of Photoshop by Andre Alves.
Copyright 2012.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cozy Glam™

Hello my glamourous people! ( I do like to add that "u' on this makes you roll up your tongue)

Almost 40 days after launching my signature line Instant Glam™ by Fernando with Metal Complex™and I am returning with more ideas to transform your life onto endless inspiration.
Not that I was on vacation in this

Pictures above of two sets of black and red pillows from my Cozy Glam™ home decor collection.
Pillow covers were bought ready to go and I applied Instant Glam™ by Fernando crystal rocks to add that ultimate touch of luxury represented by astonishing brilliance of Swarovski Elements.

You can  have those pillows adding lots of pizzazz to your couch just sending me an email...price under request.
On the other hand, you can DIY buying Instant Glam™ by Fernando crystal rocks from BeadFX® or you might even create your own signature line buying in large scale from Metal Complex™

Make your house the most cozy and glamourous place adding Instant Glam™ by Fernando onto your home decor.
A truly affordable luxury!

Um luuuuuxo!

Rectangle Crystal Rocks from the Tuscany collection by Instant Glam for Metal Complex.
On red pillows jet and crystal golden shadow. 
On black pillows, jet and crystal silver shade.
Crystal Rocks were ironed on directly to pillow cases.

Creations by Fernando DaSilva for Cozy Glam™.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Instant Glam™ by Fernando does Paris

I debuted Instant Glam™ by Fernando in Paris,  right after Fashion Week as an after party bash...very few Parisians had the honor to see in person what Instant Glam™ is about and the acceptance was beyond belief! I was astounded !!!

My Tuscany collection of bezels and crystal rocks manufactured in partnership with John Bead under the name Instant Glam™ by Fernando  is tailored to people who wants to make a splash in a flash - and Parisians are just like that.

My own necklace featuring our gunmetal arrow head bezel with matching shape of jet crystal rocks was part of my daily uniform and a sign that Instant Glam™ is here to stay.

Have you ordered yours already?